Getting Down (Under): The Australia Playlist

Yeah, I know. I haven’t updated recently. I’ve been a little distracted watching the Olympics and exploring Australia while I can. Sorry about that.

I was planning on posting about all sorts of awesome adventures today, but my inbox is flooding with requests for more playlist posts. And normally I would read the e-mails, take them into account, and then just post what I feel like anyway. But since I’ve been neglectful, I’ve decided to give the people what they want.

So by popular demand, I bring you…

Music to Get Down (Under) To: The Australia Playlist

1. Land Down Under– Men at Work. An obvious choice… obviously. But in case you didn’t catch the obviousness of an Australian band singing about their homeland, allow me to elucidate: it’s a song about people from Australia (you’re welcome). Oh, and it’s catchy. And the line, “Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder,” makes me laugh. We have a Thunder From Down Under show in Las Vegas. I’ve never been, but it’s familiar enough to almost feel like home.

2. Reminiscing– The Little River Band. Smooth jazz and easy listening owe big favors to this late-70’s Australian hit. This song is an automatic mood lifter (if you don’t agree, you must like sadness… just kidding. But no, seriously…) Who doesn’t want to make awesome memories in Sydney Harbor to remember many moons in the future? Allow the sexy saxophone to soothe your worries so you can fully embrace the moment.

3. Highway to Hell– AC/DC. “Are you living easy? Are you living free?” Well, if you’re visiting Australia, you should be. After all, it is the land of ‘no worries’. “Don’t stop me… I’m going down, all the way down (under).” You couldn’t find a more appropriate song for your road-trip to Ayers Rock. Even if you don’t consider Australia to be the gateway to the underworld (which I don’t), it will still feel like the highway to hell just because it’s so damn hot. And I’m from one of North America’s hottest deserts. So that’s saying something.

4. Soak Up the Sun– Cheryl Crow. Planning on going sailing in Perth? Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef? Doing a surfari from Manly Beach to Surfer’s Paradise? Wonderful! Put on this tune to get you in the mood for some sun-loving, beach bumming, wave wanderlust. Oh, and wear sunscreen.

5. Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Me– Keith Urban. I’m pretty sure this man is one of the sexiest things to rise up into stardom from Down Under. His songs are catchy and clean, and this one happens to be one of my favorites. If you’re vacationing in Australia, one of the first things you’ll notice are the astronomical prices. With minimum wage being around 20 Australian dollars and the American dollar worth less, you’ll definitely feel the poorness that Keith croons about. But because you’re in freaking Australia with near perfect weather, amazing culture, stunning views, and friendly people, you’re still going to feel like the luckiest sheila in the world.

6. Sydney– Brett Dennen. So while I get that this song isn’t about Sydney the city, it still reminds me of that famous harbor. Plus the song is all about an American boy supporting and testifying on behalf of Sydney. And who wouldn’t back up this eclectic port? Plus with lines like, “Straight from the airport, cut through the customs line, I’ll come running,” you can’t help but visualize and be anxious for that moment when you get off the plane and breathe in that sweet saltwater air.

7. Under the Sea– The Little Mermaid. What do you want from me? I’m a girl. If you remember, I’m pretty fond of the creatures that lie beneath the waves. It’s a happy-go-lucky song about how awesome it is to spend your days 20,000 leagues below (versus above learning your scuba instructor romance was a lie… I’m not bitter… :). Plus I’m pretty sure underwater jam sessions like this happen occasionally at The Great Barrier Reef. But don’t send me hate mail if you don’t witness it. I said pretty sure.

8. Everyone’s Waiting– Miss Higgins. You don’t know how beyond thrilled I am that this Aussie treasure is finally getting some American love. I’ve been a fan of hers for longer than I can remember. This song, fresh off her new album, is thought provoking, soulful, and yes, kind of depressing. But remember, I had a rough go at it in Cairns. There were a lot of unfulfilled expectations, stressful moments, and I felt a lot of pressure to write about it honestly even though I didn’t want to (who wants to admit that they suck at traveling?) Every line in this song resonated with a thought or insecurity I was feeling at the time. It will remind you to log those hard moments and keep moving forward. Oh, and tumble in the waves a bit to remember how to go with the flow.

9. The Animal Song– Savage Garden. I know this Australian pop band may not be loved by everyone truly, madly, and deeply (like what I did there?), but they are a noteworthy addition to your playlist. The indigenous marsupials of Australia are unlike any other animals in the world. How many chances will you have to pet a koala or feed a kangaroo in your lifetime? That’s what I thought. This song speaks to nature and animal lovers everywhere. And who doesn’t want to run careless and free with some dingos? Ill-advised with small children, though.

10. Cool Change– The Little River Band. Yep. I love them so much they get two spots on my top ten. The Little River Band may seem like a small stream act, but they sure do know how to sing a song about time out on the Big Blue. This song is full of appreciation for the ocean, the creatures that call it home, and the emotions that flow to you through the tide. Hopefully through your sailing, snorkeling, scuba dive, surf, or ferry adventure, you too will understand the call of the water.

There you have it, folks! These are my picks of necessary songs to get you in the mood and ready to boogie down to the southern hemisphere for some Australian adventure!

Didn’t see your favorite Australian themed tune here? Leave me a comment with your choice! I’m always looking to expand my music collection and would love your insight. =)

Happy adventuring!


31 thoughts on “Getting Down (Under): The Australia Playlist

  1. Love your play list!
    The minimum wage in Australia is $15 and that includes something like 9% employers contribution to superannuation. You may have found eating out expensive because there’ s a 10% tax on cooked food (and everything else) but not on unprocessed food.
    If you find the exchange rate a bummer, think of New. Zealanders across the ditch … Minimum wage is about $12.50, the consumption tax on everything is 15%, and NZ$1 buys about .76 Aussie dollars. Which leads me to suggest again, come visit New Zealand… Your US $ buys about NZ $1.20 and the cost of accommodation, food, everything is way less than Australia. Plus, if you’re an adventure addict NZ is the home of bungee jumping – you can leap off a bridge toward a river, be dunked, all against a background of snowy mountains. you can paraglide over lakes, go jet boating, kayaking in pristine waters, sailing watch whales …. Do I sound like a tourism brochure? I hope not, because NZ has yet to be discovered by large numbers of tourists, which is one of the reasons it’s so pristine.

    Kidding aside, I’m glad you’ve had such a fabulous time in Australia. It is a wonderful place, and the people are friendly (I married one). Sounds like you’ve had some great adventures, including a holiday romance … Good for you. Life’s for living. Carpe diem!

    • Oh wow! I had no idea everything was so much cheaper in NZ! Yeah, trying to eat in AU is quite expensive. I go back and forth on how much I’m willing to spend per meal. It’s even weirder not to have to include gratuity. I’m so grateful to have such knowledgeable readers!

      And you are such a good saleswoman! You should find a way to get paid for all of your alluring descriptions. I’m sold. I can’t wait to come check it out some day! Do you think the lack of tourists adds to its appeal?

      Here’s to Carpe Diem! And to handsome Australians! 😉

      • Of course! A lot of “old” music is still played in Aus . . . ever heard of Aqua? They’re touring in Aus right now.

        • Oh. My. God.

          Barbie Girl was my JAMMMM! Do you remember that lawsuit scandal? Mattel sued the band for using a trademarked product without permission? Too funny. But seriously soooo jealous right now.

          Now I have to find that CD…

          • I don’t know why Mattel would want to sue them. They made Barbies popular!

            I miss “Blue”, the group. Remember them? I’m blue dabo dee dabo dieeeeee……

            • It was a trademark thing from what I remember. They didn’t have permission to use the name ‘Barbie’ in the song. I think they won a crap ton of money from Aqua. Could be why a sophomore album never made it big.

              I remember that group!!! I remember that song being soooo popular in middle school. SO many good songs from back in the day!

    • I’m actually JUST hearing about her now. I keep seeing her face about town and I’m like, “who the heck is this girl?” Is she just not popular in the states or am I once again out of the loop? Haha!

      And thank you! I thought it was time for something new. =)

  2. Great playlist! I love Little River Band and second your nominations for both of their songs. BUT, I’d remained blissfully unaware of what they looked like and wished you hadn’t put the picture there. It didn’t match the image I had in my head from when I listened to those songs. I used to ice skate to those songs and flirt with boys over hot chocolate. I’m sticking with that image.

  3. Did the Napoleon Wrasse almost get a shout out? Am I still hoping that you’ll mention the (not so) little guy randomly in posts? maaaaybe. He’s officially one of my favorite fish, right next to tetraodontidae.

    I think that we can safely say that Australia is a great place to find the ridiculously amazing. (specifically #1 & #9)

    • You crack me up! I ALMOST put a photo of him in this post. I think I need to create a status feed just for him, haha!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! And more animal loving posts to come… I promise you!

      Are you a Savage Garden fan?

        • Oh. My. Gosh. That is the cutest photo of a kangaroo I’ve ever seen.

          Did you see the youtube post about the kangaroo that accidentally ended up on an Australian racetrack the other day? Poor thing must have been scared out of his mind. Luckily all the cars avoided him. Kind of frightening to watch.

          And I will let you know when I start the twitter feed… might be something like, “Had a conversation with a sea turtle today. That guy eats wayy too much algae.”

          • It was really cool to be eye level with a roo!

            I just looked it up. Poor guy! He’s pretty fast- maybe he should have stayed in the race. I’m glad you told me ahead of time that he remains unharmed. Saved my nerves!

            “Does my forehead look large to? I feel like it does. Considering getting bangs.”

            • Yeah, my heart was in my throat for the thirty second clip.

              Where did you go to visit the roos?

              “I think I need a cooler tail swish. Mine doesn’t quite say Napoleon BadWrasse…”

              • I went to the Koala Park, it took a train and bus ride to get there, but I don’t actually remember what city it was in.

                “I’m blueeee da ba de da ba wraaaaaasse”

                • I could not stop laughing at this. Lord knows what would happen if we ever meet each other and have a beer. I am relishing in the thought!

                  “I keep trying to strike up conversation with the sea cucumber but he never responds. What a freaking vegetable.”

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