The Learning Curve: Train tracks to e-mails back

I haven’t been in too many train stations in my life, but I think there are few as pretty as Portland’s Union Station.

While I’d had a blast in Oregon, three days in this unique city had not been enough time. Yoga, hiking through waterfalls, exploring the downtown dining, dancing, and making new friends had certainly filled up my days. There was still so much I didn’t get a chance to see or do, but I was very happy with how I had spent the time. Plus I had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last time I came to visit.

I sat on my suitcase admiring the vaulted marble ceilings and ornate wall clocks, watching the minute hand tick by, telling me my train was late. I sighed, resting my chin in the palm of my hand. I guess there were worse places I could be waiting for a ride. Continue reading

Back to Eden: Hilary Tries Vegan

Okay, so here’s the deal. I am a meat lover. If I had a dating profile it would read something like, “Single white female. Fond of fried foods, steaks, and lattes.” My friends do not recognize me without a cup of coffee in my hand and do not attempt conversation until I’ve downed some caffeine. Well, you get the picture.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far in my travels, it’s that you have to be ready for anything. The gypsy lifestyle does not cater to preferences or comfort. You learn to be adventurous and enjoy experiencing (and tasting) the unfamiliar. Sometimes this means eating whatever is available, and sometimes it means just trying what’s available because it’s going to be bang-up awesome and you wouldn’t want to miss it. So naturally, as life goes, I was faced with a situation where I had to reevaluate my eating habits.

I took the train from Washington to Oregon to visit a yogi friend of mine who lives in Portland. I had previously met him when he came down to Vegas to teach flying yoga workshops a few months earlier and we developed a fast friendship. Besides yoga, massage, and spiritual well-being, Billy also happens to be fond of raw foods, vegetarianism, and organic eats. I knew I was in for a change in grub but I wasn’t fully prepared for what was in store.

He wanted to take me down to Alberta Street to check out this new vegan bakery, Back to Eden. “I’ve only been here once before but I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of their food. I think you’ll like it.” Continue reading