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Title: The Nomad Grad

Description: Hilary Billings is a Las Vegas scholar turned nomadic adventurer. Searching for answers on what to do next in her life, she works on Hollywood sets with A-list celebrities, travels the world, and recounts her unpredictable life in Las Vegas that involves one too many encounters with lions.

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Other Bad-Ass Travel Blogs

Aussie on the Road: One Aussie guy with a serious case of itchy feet traveling the world and telling you about it.

Bella Nars: Novelist and adventurer, Bella Nars features stories of her Russian travels as well as everyday adventures.

Daniel Hewes Photography: A traditional and experimental film photography and travel blog as he slowly works and travels his way around Asia-Pacific for a couple of years.

Kizzling Around: Erica has been on planes since she was a baby, but it wasn’t until she went to Nicaragua in ’09 that she fell in love with discovering more about the world through travel. Since then, she’s lived and sailed around the world. Her favorite past time is sharing her adventures on her blog.

La Vie et La Danse: A nomadic, linguistically inclined, professional belly dancer who likes to write.

Lesley Carter: She’s been to 33 countries and has no intentions of stopping there.

Life: bk Garden Apt: Eloquent writer, adventurous spirit, amazing photographer.

Lone Rucksack: A nomad who quit her job and sold all her worldly possessions to complete a solo tour of Africa. She lives nowhere and thoroughly enjoys wine.

Man vs Clock: Putting a time limit on fear, Anthony races the clock to complete his adventures in the allotted time.

My Travel Affairs: Marysia is a traveller by heart. She searches the world for amazing places, interesting people, and unique experiences.

Nomadic American: Heather, a twenty-something Marylander, believes not who wander are lost. She teaches English abroad, attempts to learn new languages and experiences new cultures. Read along as she considers which country will stamp her passport next!

Off the Path: A polyglot man as diverse as the languages he speaks. Having lived around the world since a child, he now blogs in multiple languages and is kind of a big deal.

SayGudday: A travel site dedicated to giving you the best experience, regardless of where you are going. This online community of locals gives you the 411 on hundreds of destinations and the places you want to visit.Raxa Collective: A group of like-minded graduates looking to facilitate collaboration among those who participate in and communicate about entrepreneurial conservation projects. Committed to community and adventure, these individuals look to inspire others to live non-traditional lifestyles through their tales.

Seeking Monsieur: A freelance writer seeking love while the adventure of life takes lead. 14 years on the road and around the world, Lila has no intentions on stopping there!

The Aberrant Pen: Ed, the traveling literary enthusiast, splits his time between Texas and France while he pens stories about his travels and advice for up-and-coming writers. It’s guaranteed to be an adventure… and grammatically correct.

The Jungle Princess: One Hollywood diva recounts her journey through Central America and her current adventures as a Las Vegas journalist.The Blonde Coyote: Mary is a freelance science and travel writer currently based in New Mexico. Her academic accomplishments are only trumped by her vitae of publications. Witty, charming, and adventurous, she’s the true definition of a free spirit.

Tips 4 Travel: Provides the best travel advice and tips for the world traveler, including the top extreme sports destinations, and the best way to stay safe abroad.

Traveling English Teacher: Having never lived outside of the States, Sean decided to leave and not return. Now with a bad case of wanderlust, he looks to see how many things he can cross off his bucket list in five years. Currently he’s teaching English in Seoul.

Travel & Tourism Guide: Dedicated to bringing you travel guides from around the world as well as news, interviews and what’s new in the blogosphere.

Travel Wkly: Travel tips for destinations around the world.

Travel Vana: Worldwide Travel Top Ten Lists

Underground Ethnographer: Southern Orange County surfer, skateboarder, jewelry maker, totally bad-ass woman explains her travels, struggles, and inspiration. When her Timber line goes global, you’ll want to say you knew her when.

VimLife: A gypsy and wanderlust at heart, Shelley aspires toward sharing her enthusiasm and love for life with others.

World Walk About: Andrea and Matt, a married couple, left home to travel the world, indulge in wanderlust, and document their journey. Join their adventure!