Koala Cuddling- The Movie

Thanks again to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary for arranging such an awesome day of awesomeness! If you hadn’t guessed, I found the experience pretty awesome.

This is for all those koala fans out there who want to see what the experience is like in action… And please don’t judge me because of my incessant and incoherent rambling. My mind turned to goo from all the cuteness. If you would, however, like to judge my choice of outfit or hairstyle, I have no qualms with that. =)

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Dancing Under the Sea: A Great Barrier Reef Romance

I sat across of Deedee in the ultra-hip café, Brew, in downtown Brisbane. My gaze vacillated between my new friend and my sandwich. I was hesitant to eat it. It looked so enticing it could have been a work of art. Plus I had something I was dying to talk about.

“Deedee,” I started slowly, “Can I tell you something?”

She cocked her head to the side and smiled. “Of course, Hilary! Tell me anything.” I returned her smile. Gosh, I had lucked out with my meet-ups so far on this trip.

One of my Australian followers had put me in touch with Deedee after hearing I was headed to Brisbane. She had so graciously offered to show me around her city and we had become fast friends. But what I wanted to share was pretty personal given the amount of time we’d spent together. And here I was, about to verbally vomit up some intimate stories in this very public venue.

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