Aussie Slang Lessons from Thunder From Down Under

G’Day, fellow adventurers! Hilary, your favorite “Park Ranger in Training”, here…

Working hard laptop copy

In my quest to become a knowledgeable and prepared Park Ranger, I’ve been doing A LOT research. On my mission to learn how to best ‘blend in’ with the locals, I received a little help from a very cool group of guys. They happen to have a headlining show here in Las Vegas. It’s no big deal. 😉


Check out my interview with Marcus and Matthew of Thunder From Down Under!

Thanks guys, for the support! I’m so appreciative to have you on #TeamHilary!

And thank YOU adventurers for following, commenting, sharing, and supporting #TeamHilary for Park Ranger! Let’s keep it up! We’ve only got a few days to go, so let’s keep this running strong until the end!

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More “Park Ranger in Training” videos coming your way soon! And crikey, are they going to be fun! =)

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Stay tuuunnnnnnneeedddd!

13 thoughts on “Aussie Slang Lessons from Thunder From Down Under

  1. Impressive! You take a fellow blogger to the show and then get the cast to help and support you. See. This is why you deserve the job. Your people skills are amazing!

    PS: So jealous of your hat on top of it all.

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