Making Jewelry Out of Coconuts

After waiting for hours in a hammock, staring intently in the direction of Napoleon’s village, I  successfully willed him back to The Beachouse.

Vertical Hammock

Okay, so he really just woke up from his nap and decided to wander back. But I’d LIKE to pretend that it was my sheer concentration and my focus alone that swayed him to teach me how to make jewelry out of coconuts.

I’d be more excited about my jewelry making skills if I still wasn’t in shock from the methods we used to dehusk our coconuts. I’ve compiled the below video as a visual aid because words just didn’t seem fitting enough.

When life gives you a piece of broken glass and a coconut, make a bracelet!

Macgyver ain’t got nothing on me. =)

14 thoughts on “Making Jewelry Out of Coconuts

  1. So cool! It has always made me angry when I see people trying to barter with natives trying to sell their handmade goods that they are already selling for ridiculously low prices. $5?? How about $2?? Meanwhile they are sipping $10 cocktails from an American resort. It’s great that you posted this so that people can see the work that goes into the craft.

      • I probably had the best time on my trip to Costa Rica/Panama with my sister because we visited the most places and it was pretty adventurous, but Peru was also great. Havana with my husband was amazing, because it was our first trip together as a new couple. I’m slowly exploring Europe right now, one short vacation at a time. Work really gets in the way of travelling. Real life. Boo!! I have to live vicariously through people like you.

        • WOW! It sounds like you’ve been to some pretty amazing places yourself! Short vacations still count. And I understand… real work can be tricky. Happy to help you in your vicarious living and dream planning. =) Thank you for reading and supporting!

  2. That’s AWESOME! And now I have a new appreciation for the people that you see selling stuff like that. I imagine that really, this video is a product of you anxiously waiting for the instructor of your cooking class, or some kind of other class. 😉

    • Hahahaha! Yeah, pretty much. “Okay, I have a few hours to kill… what can I do NOW?” Boredom can lead to versatility, so it seems. =)

      And there definitely is an art to it! Just like the basket weaving and all that great stuff!

      • I love doing arts and crafts, and used to make jewelry because my mom was really into it. I also happen to LOVE coconuts! I’ll have to check out Justin Young.

        Happy travels 🙂

        • Aww, that’s awesome! I love when hobbies get passed down from one generation to another. =) And who doesn’t love coconuts?

          You can look to make your own if you want with a coconut from a grocery store. Once it’s dehusked, you cut it open, scoop out the inside and sand it down. Then you have bangles ready to go! Some girls there made earrings or intricate necklaces out of coconut as well. I wasn’t nearly as skilled as them. =)

  3. The bracelet looks awesome! It’s especially cool that you made it out of a simple piece of broken glass. It doesn’t sound like the most ergonomic tool, but it worked!

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