Hilary Goes To Fiji- The Movie

I am a much better writer than director or editor. But in an effort to become multifaceted, I’m working on adding video content to Nomad Grad. Let’s call this progress. =)

Fiji Water

I’ve got adventures, spiritual experiences, and a very important visit to the village of the Firewalkers still yet to share with you. But first, I bring you a video that captures the spirit of this adventure. Let’s call it a teaser trailer. Or the musical number right before intermission. Or that thing I did just for funsies. Maybe you’ll love it and possibly call it Oscar worthy. Or maybe you’ll give it a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes…

Seriously, why can’t I stop writing even when I’m just plugging a video??? How obnoxiously verbose am I?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of my adventure. =)


36 thoughts on “Hilary Goes To Fiji- The Movie

  1. Hi Hilary! I am a friend of your grandparents, the Guske’s. They are so proud of you and now I can see why. That was a beautiful video and your blogs are fabulous. I have been to Fiji twice, and I can tell you, it is my favorite place on Earth, bar none. The people and the landscape are beautiful! Bula!

    • Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I appreciate you reading and watching the videos. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed them!

      Whereabouts did you go in FIji? I agree; it’s absolutely beautiful. Bula vinaka vaka levu!

    • Thank you so much! I love that song. Actually, Philip Phillips entire album has been very fitting for my life recently. =)

      I’m hoping to get better at video editing. It’s just such a LONG process. Or maybe I’m just very blonde. 😉

    • Aww, shucks. You’re going to make me blush! Thanks, TJ. And I’m happy to hear. Philip Phillips is one of my new favorite artists. He’s got a lot of great music that I can identify with as a traveler. Do you have an artist that you identify with right now?

      • In truth, right now not so much. For a while Jack Johnson was one for me. But as I’m currently writing my own stuff, and working on my own album, not much else is seeping through my system!

        • Jack Johnson is a good choice. =) But that’s so exciting that you’re working on your own stuff! I have mad respect for songwriters and composers. I play a little violin and guitar and whenever I start working on my own songs, I fuh-reak out. I don’t know how to get past the self-judgement long enough to complete anything. Looking forward to hearing the finished product!

          • The self-judgement is something I still have. The fact that I was a poet long before I became a songwriter does help matters a lot. I say just keep at it and in time you’ll get past that particular barrier. And my work (well some of it at least) is available to listen to at http://www.facebook.com/MusicTJ and I released my first single in November. Once I’m done with the album I’m gonna try and find myself a manager and see if i can’t get my musical journey up and running!

  2. This video is so sweet! A perfect little collection of vignettes to remember your time in Fiji. I’ve actually been working on a similar style video of my last few weeks in Santa Barbara to play whenever I’m homesick in Korea. I was actually planning on using the same song… uh-oh… it’s just such a darn good song! haha.

    • Thank you, Kaleena! I’m so glad you liked it!

      What a good idea! I think that will be great. But I know if I had something like that I would be crying 24/7, haha!

      And DO IT! It’s a great song! I’m not surprised you identify with it, too. That whole album is full of good nomadic songs. =)

  3. That was such an amazing video! Reading about a place, or seeing photos of a place, still leaves a lot to imagination. Watching this video definitely gave me a better view on how beautiful Fiji is! I’m looking forward to your future productions 🙂

  4. Same here. I feel the need to do the prior knowledge thing, being a teacher. I always imagined this to be a wonderful place. The people you show seem beautiful and kind. You did a great job and seem to have enjoyed every minute of your trip. Awesome!

    • Haha! It’s probably the shortest blog I’ve written EVER, but still… I have to laugh at myself. I always feel like I have to ‘set the scene’.

      Where do you want to go next?

      And yes! I’m looking forward to that too. =) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that really happened someday?

    • Thank you so much! I am so happy you enjoyed it! Yes, it’s one of my new favorites. Philip Phillips is great! He’s got a lot of nomadic/adventurous tunes to serve as the soundtrack for my life and many others’. =)

  5. That was great! I started remembering all your posts from there. When I saw the young girl I could see her telling you not to be afraid of the little cockroach that shared your room. And the scenery. Wonderful!

    Yep. I gotta get out this weekend.

    Great Job!

  6. Lovely video! I don’t know if it’s my computer/speakers but the music was a little loud and made it hard to hear your voice! But I love it regardless 🙂 Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you so much!

      And oh no! I think that had more to do with how I was speaking than your speakers. I was trying to film it as quietly as possible so as not to disturb all the people waiting for the plane around me, but then it left me at a disadvantage when I got back.

      The lesson learned? Speak loudly and annoy people momentarily so you’ve got a decent quality audio for your blog. =)

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