A Guide to Feeding Kangaroos

So as much as I loved cuddling the koalas, I think I preferred interacting with their bouncy marsupial pals.


While you only have a limited amount time with the koalas (I think they belong to a union), the kangaroos roam the reserve freely. You could literally spend all day feeding the hoppers. To spend time with the koalas you have to pay for a photo. But you can walk into the kangaroo reserve at no additional cost. They do charge for food but kangaroo pellets are inexpensive.

Most importantly, there are HUNDREDS of kangas. So if one seems snobby, aggressive, or flips you off, you can walk five feet and meet a new one.

Top Ten Lessons Learned While Feeding Kangaroos
1. If you have a choice, visit the ‘roos during the off-season (April-July). The sanctuary gets less traffic and therefore, their animals are less satiated. They’re more likely to interact with you in exchange for goodies.
2. As much as I wished it so, the mama kangas not keep Aussie hair products in their pouches. Yep, that was a letdown.
3. Buy at least two bags of food (they’re only $2/bag). Multiple marsupials will want pellets at once so it’s better to have more than less. You can only distract a kanga with love for so long before they’ll leave you for greener pastures.
4. Joeys will not always be in their pouches. And if they are, they may be upside down or is some awkward position. I concluded this was how mama ‘roos put their babies in time-out.

5. The kangas are more active in the late afternoon (right before dinner time). Most of the day they’ll be lounging but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They’re less likely to want to fight you over a bag of food during nap time.
6. Males are more possessive of the pellets than the females. They can get mean, so if you feel nervous, walk behind them. Kangas can’t jump backwards and don’t really care about you once you’re out of their line of sight.
7. Roos have rodent-like teeth, so feed them with a flat palm like you would a horse.
8. You may notice the kangas don’t hop very often. They like to crawl using their tales instead. Yeah it weirded me out, too.
9. Be careful of stepping on their tales. I made that mistake once and made one guy very very mad. Pellets make good apologies, though.
10. Finally, beware of the turkeys and ducks. They will steal your pellet bags if given the chance, sneaky bastards.

And as promised, here is the video montage of my adventure. =)


34 thoughts on “A Guide to Feeding Kangaroos

  1. Love the list! And you are way more observant than I. Pretty sure I saw essentially the same things while I was petting roos (a long, long time ago now) and just thought “that’s a roo!.”

    • Yes, Lone Pine has many a kangaroo. You will never feel bereft. =) And I was surprised too, though I’m not sure why. They’re pretty much large bipedal rats when you think about it. Except much cuter. =)

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  3. So cute!!! I too had a good time feeding the kangas. So did the little Japanese tourist girls. They’d swarm the kangas with the food and the kangas would be quite overwhelmed with the selection!

    • Awww, that sounds exciting! Yeah, you either have no kangas or too many. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment, for sure!

      Thanks for sharing your memory. Always love hearing about your adventures!

  4. Hillary that looks amazing! You are definitely making me want to travel to Australia even more than before. The kangaroos are so cute. Oh and good advice on feeding the roos. If and I hope I will go to Australia I will remember the list :).

    • Hey girly!

      Ankle is feeling much better, thanks. I still ice it just to be safe. =)

      Yes, that is my favorite picture, too! I feel like he’s looking at me thinking, “You’re not doing it right. You’re supposed to sit back on your heels and fold your hands over each other.”

      And same to you, my traveling friend!

  5. I’m taking notes now. I learned I *may* get to go to Australia next year and this is something I’d definitely want to do. Especially after seeing your picture of the joey upside down in his mama’s pocket. And I want to see them crawl. Sounds weird.

    I pinned this so I’ll remember it when my big chance comes!

    • WOW! That’s so amazing! I’m so excited for you! You’ll have to keep me updated and let me know if it ends up going through! Even just the thought is nice sometimes =).

      Thanks for pinning! And yes, you have to see them crawl in person!

  6. Your comment about the hair products was very entertaining haha What’s interesting is I follow a group of video producers on Youtube called Wong Fu Productions, and they visited Australia this year and also interacted with kangaroos. One of the members kept getting attacked by an emu or some other bird that wanted the kangaroo pellets.

    • Thanks so much, Valerie! I always see the commercials with the purple kangaroo and just had to add that in!

      I’ll have to look up these guys! That sounds crazy! Yeah, I had one or two get a little handsy, but overall it was a very enjoyable experience! =)

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