Koala Cuddling- The Movie

Thanks again to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary for arranging such an awesome day of awesomeness! If you hadn’t guessed, I found the experience pretty awesome.

This is for all those koala fans out there who want to see what the experience is like in action… And please don’t judge me because of my incessant and incoherent rambling. My mind turned to goo from all the cuteness. If you would, however, like to judge my choice of outfit or hairstyle, I have no qualms with that. =)

Happy Adventuring!


27 thoughts on “Koala Cuddling- The Movie

  1. That looks amazing! Okay, koala cuddling is now on my list. Thanks for sharing such a wondeful experience with us. – Rene

  2. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. Personally I’ve been in Australia for one week and a half, and I’m staying at White Cliffs, in a family who has this tiny cute baby Kangouroo named Jojo !! If i manage to get some shots of her, I’ll put it up on the blog. Right now I’m waiting for some work on the local farms. I’m just sad that there aren’t any Koalas in the region !! Those animals are magnificent. I hope your travels are filled with encounters with all the other critters of Australia ( especially kangouroos and koalas, maybe not too many of the local snakes or spiders 😉 )

    Do leave a message on my blog about what places are good to visit, as I am staying in White Cliff for some months only, and have a total of 9 months in Australia.

    Good travels and hope you meet some koalas !!

    • Yes, I did, thanks! It was a very enjoyable day!

      How are you enjoying White Cliffs? What do you think of Oz so far? Isn’t it crazy how people just have kangaroo pets? Totally living in the wrong country, me thinks…

      Nine months in Australia! Wowee that’s amazing! You’re going to have SO much fun! Yeah, I’ve only managed to explore three of the cities, but let me know where you’re headed and I’ll help how I can!

      Happy adventuring!

      • White Cliff was great,and so is Oz !! Apparently my adventure is extremely fast-paced, since I’ve already moved out to a Station out in the outback ( it has some weird name I can neither pronounce nor remember ) and begun learning to drive a motorbike and taking care of the numerous animals out here, not to talk of the 6 pet goats, 2 pet lambs, the Kangaroo baby (this one is a bit older, but it’s still wearing diapers, lige the baby goats and lambs when they’re in the house, I’m beginning to suspect an australian tradition here!!).
        So now I’m basically chilling out a bit between jobs ( and trying to get the splinters out of my hands…and they only mentioned termites were attracted to this wood because it was poisonous AFTER we’d felled seven of them and had our hands filled with splinters, at least it looks like there’s no infections yet, so I’ll probably survive!! ).
        Later I’m planning on setting off toward some koala-inhabited
        part of the land, it’s a No-Go to not have seen a koala before I leave Australia!!
        If you have any advice, I’ll be very gratefull, even though my travelling will have to wait till I’ve earned some money ( and found someone willing to get me into a more populated place too, I don’t think hitchhiking will work that well in the middle of the Outback !)

        Greetings, Peter.

        part of the land, it’s no go

        • Hey Peter!

          WOW, it sounds like you’ve had some amazzzzinnng experiences thus far, even though the termite infested wood one sounds kind of scary! But that’s all part of the adventure! I can’t wait to hear more about your travels.

          Yeah, let me know when you plan on reaching a more populated city! I didn’t make it out to the Outback, but it sounds fascinating!! Enjoy!

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