The Ask All Tell All’s of Nomadic Life: Financing Your Fun

Are you interested in pursuing a gypsy lifestyle? Traveling the world professionally? Constantly making new friends and exploring new places? Welcome to the club!

Don’t know where to start or how it can be done? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, I am constantly receiving e-mails and comments from people asking how they too can pick up and go.

Often times, I feel like its difficult for people to fathom how I lead my life. It’s like I’m constantly trying to act out the season finale of Lost. No-one gets me.

This is partly my fault. I just kind of started this journey and continued to blab about it without much regard for others looking to travel. Sorry about that.

So this is the beginning of a series of blogs elucidating the best kept secret of full-time travelers: how they manage to make it happen. You’ve asked for it, and now I’m giving it to you, starting with the foundation: finances. You can send me a thank-you card later. =)

The Ask All Tell All’s of Nomad Life with The Nomad Grad

In This Blog: Financing Your Fun

How do you fund your travels?

This is probably the most common question that floods my inbox. No, I do not sell my body or drugs. I don’t have a trust fund, no rich relative to back me, and I don’t work at a strip club. The real answer? I’ve adapted the nomad lifestyle by working extremely hard and budgeting accordingly.

Everyone has priorities in life. One of mine is to travel extensively. I set goals (i.e. I want to go to Fiji and live there for a month) and determine how much money, time, and effort it will take me to achieve said goal. I then work towards it however I can. Yes, it really is that simple.

I enjoy the flexibility of picking up and moving where I want when I want. Because this is my choice and preference, I am okay working in a multitude of fields to make the money I need to cover expenses. I’ve worked on productions, modeled, sold articles to magazines and newspapers, done personal assistant work, ghost blogging, website consulting, social media marketing, pet-sitting, etc. I also try to pick up work wherever I’m going. I don’t mind doing these things because 1) I feel that it’s really important to constantly remind myself there’s no job that’s below me, 2) I never know who I will meet and network with, and 3) It’s an adventure I haven’t had yet. I’ve now been an equestrian catch-rider, dance instructor, and lion tamer, all because I said, ‘yes,’ to work I never considered before.

The Upside: I get to travel where I want to for the amount of time I choose.

The Downside: I don’t have a full-time job and do not have the security or benefits this provides. For me this is okay because my life is all about adventure. This may not work for you.

But it seems like no matter how hard I work or budget, I never have enough money to buy a plane ticket and go where I want to go (even just on vacation). What gives?

That’s because you’re not budgeting correctly. There’s always a give and take in life. Because I don’t have a full-time job or that bi-weekly paycheck dependability, I’ve gotten really good at being able to stretch a dollar. Sometimes I have tons of work and don’t need to worry about it. Other times I do. So I figured understanding how little I could actually live on was essential for me being able to survive, and budgeting needed to become second nature.

I started by observing my ‘natural’ spending habits for a few weeks to see what I considered necessary daily purchases (groceries, dinners with friends, daily coffees, new shoes, music, blah blah blah). Then I cut my spending in half.

This requires a great deal of sacrifice. I don’t go out with my friends nearly as often or indulge in habits like daily lattes anymore. I don’t buy new clothes or gadgets. I have a $14 dollar phone, an unbreakable purse, and the same laptop I got as a graduation present from high-school. The reality is I just can’t afford a lavish lifestyle and I know that I’ll gain more pleasure spending my money while in Australia than purchasing a mocha that I’m ‘used’ to having now. It’s Zimbardo’s delayed gratification experiment applied to you. Would you rather have an immediate reward or recognize that by delaying it, you can increase your satisfaction down the road?

This is not to say I do not enjoy my life or that I’m a recluse when I’m in Vegas. I just get creative about it. I scope out Groupon deals for things that I really want to do (like get two-for-one deals at Blue Martini, or take belly dancing classes). I also compromise with my friends. If they want to go out for a meal, I offer to cook one at home instead, or propose a less expensive outing (like going to a hotel pool or hanging out downtown). I look to local magazines like The Las Vegas Weekly and Seven to direct me to free events and concerts. I found a yoga studio that is donation only. I exchange clothes with friends and go to flea markets to pick up cool new pieces.

Make no mistake, I live a very full life when I’m home. And sometimes, I let the money be a non-issue and go out and indulge. I just am very cognizant not to do it every weekend. Remember, the first step is being real with yourself about your spending, and what you are willing to budget for your future adventures.

The Upside: You are able to save money quickly and spend it on travel and travel-related expenses.

The Downside: You do have to re-evaluate your current lifestyle and make a budget work for you.

But… I love my daily lattes…

Trust me, I do too. But by conserving my spending and focusing on living on a budget, I am able to travel farther faster. And remember, this is my lifestyle, not necessarily yours. If you’re just looking to go away for a weekend or spring break you won’t need to make near the planning as you would if you want to adopt a nomad lifestyle. Plus, some people are lucky enough to have family members or friends pay for their travel, in which case, I say enjoy it to the fullest! I do not have this luxury and that’s okay with me. It forces me to have to get creative with what I do have and really appreciate it. Plus, it provides me with an opportunity to get to learn more about each culture (since I can’t afford posh hotels, I do a lot of couch surfing).

Remember, for me this isn’t vacation. This is my life. Sometimes that means using composting toilets, getting stuck on a train, and sleeping outside. It’s an adventure.

If it’s too overwhelming for you to think about giving up part of your daily expenses to save for an adventure, then maybe this isn’t your thing. But I say give it a try. You’ll learn really quickly what matters to you.

But what if I want to adopt the nomad lifestyle permanently? How can I get paid to travel?

If you can find a way to do your current job remotely, then this problem is immediately solved. I recommend reading The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss for a detailed breakdown on how to get your boss to agree to remote work. He also provides great insight in how to achieve your ideal lifestyle and sustain it. Just read it. It’ll make you a better person.

But if nothing else, you have to put the intention out to the universe that getting paid to travel is what you want. Then you have to determine some specifics. What type of work do you want to do? Do you want to find a way to sustain your travel or are you looking for a career? Do you care if you are in control of your hours or location? Does having a job right now trump your desire to travel? All of these questions will factor into how long it may take you to get a job, and what kind of job this will be.

Sustaining- If you’re looking to sustain and afford to travel where you want, you can get creative (and you can do this fast). Normally sustaining requires a good deal of internal motivation and no fears of getting your hands dirty. You may have to walk dogs for a few weeks, tutor school children, or wash a hundred cars, but you’ll be able to afford to go where you want quickly.

The Upside: You are in control of where and when you work. You can work anywhere and get by. You gain a wide skills set and become adept at selling your strengths. You also meet a lot of different types of people.

The Downside: You may not have dependable income and have to go back to that budget to get by.

Finding a Career- If you’re okay with not having control on where you’re going or how long you’re there, you can find decent work in some cool locales. Like ships? You may find working on a cruise line’s the right fit for you. Love learning? Maybe teaching abroad is an option. Do you like children? Work as a seasonal nanny. Start exploring how you can use your skills to gain a career and ask yourself where and what you’re willing to live with.

The Upside: You are in the comfortable 9-5 worker’s mold while living in an exotic location. Because most of the careers available require some long-term commitment, you can really immerse yourself in the culture at hand. You have time to get to know a place and can become very adept at the skills you are honing.

The Downside: You commit to a time-frame and normally do not get to set the travel schedule. If you don’t like it, it can be difficult to get out of your commitment. This can also restrict the amount of time you have to explore neighboring countries or to do the things you want to do. And if you are looking for a career in your current wheelhouse, this also may take some time to acquire (another reason to get used to that budget).

But what about when you travel? Are you constantly on a budget then too?

The short answer? Yes. Again, this is how I live my life, not how I spend holidays. I have to always be aware of how much I’m spending to make sure I have enough to sustain me through my next job. I mean, not that I’m not willing to experience being broke in India, but I like having a safety net. So I try to watch myself.

But with that being said, I think that travel (and life really) is all about enjoying yourself to the fullest. If that means spending a-hundred-and-a-lot of dollars on an expensive meal in Paris then so be it. But remember, if you can’t afford to drop that kind of cash every weekend, you don’t do it. I also am very aware of my financial standing at all times when I travel. I am constantly asking myself, “Do I have the money to do this? Is this something I will look back on and be happy that I purchased? How much will this matter in a few weeks?”

The Upside: You always have enough money to get yourself out of a situation.

The Downside: You are constantly weighing your options.

So how do you determine what expenses are ‘worth it’?

There are no food purchases I have ever regretted. The ten-dollar hot chocolate in France was totally worth it, as was the latte in Nicaragua. The regret comes with purchasing the touristy stuff. I always try to pick up things for my friends and family, but I’ve gotten very strict on what I’ll buy for myself. I’d rather save the money for an experience (like zip-lining or snorkeling) than buy a t-shirt.

But remember, I am a poor traveler, so this is essential for me to sustain my lifestyle. Plus, constantly being on the move doesn’t allow for much space to accumulate tchotchkes. If I bring it home, it ends up sitting on shelves collecting dust (that I never clean because I’m never home). If I keep it with me, my suitcase gets heavy fairly quickly. So I tend to opt for purchasing experiences for myself. Memories are forever.

This isn’t to say that I don’t bring home souvenirs; I’m just very selective. I will always treasure the whimsical seashells I found on the beaches of Nicaragua and the vase I was given in Austria. But I don’t make collecting them a priority. Again, it’s a choice. My life is about adventure, not the material.

The Upside: I end up doing a lot of things when I travel versus collecting a lot of things. I am able to pack light and only bring back souvenirs I’d feel silly for leaving.

The Downside: I don’t really see one, but again, this is my personal choice. Maybe frugal travel is not for you. Maybe you like trinkets. That’s okay, too. I just may not be the person to guide you on your journey. =)

The Takeaway: Regardless of where you want to go, deciding to partake in a nomadic lifestyle is a commitment. It’s a commitment to constantly have to find work, constantly be without a home, constantly budget your money, and constantly make decisions about when to indulge. I just think it takes practice to determine how you like to travel. Again, I am a broke post-grad, so my priorities may be very different from yours. But this works for me.

I hope this has provided some foundational understanding about how I do what I do. Are you ready to give it a try? Be free, my nomadic friends! And travel safe!

*Didn’t have your question answered here? Want to know more about the financial aspects of full-time travel? No worries; this is only the first of many posts about how to make it happen. Bring it on!


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  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo
    News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

    • Hi Lloyd,

      Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked it.

      No, unfortunately I do not have any suggestions for you. I didn’t even know I was listed on Yahoo News… Can you send me the link? Thanks.

  2. Hi! πŸ™‚ (sorry for my english if there are any mistakes) Just come across your site and it is an absolute delightfulness for me! huge thanks, really, you are so inspired!!!!! you are living my dreams! what i wanted to ask is: (I am currently vegan) are there any possiblities (i am sure there are) of eating raw vegan on the way? or at least vegan? (by this I mean if there are these women on the streets in all these countries (who i have in mind) selling fresh and organic fruits and vegetables) and if they are, are fruits and veggies on cheaper level?
    i am from slovenia, attend high school and just saving the money for my nomadic lifestyle i am dreaming about .. beacause i decided not to go on to the university (although I am the good girl and everyone expects me to do so :D) .. i have just one dream- travel forever .. gosh, this wanderlusting is killing me! πŸ˜€ love your article !!!! keep on sharing your amazing tips and advetures! hope, you will answer me

    • Hi Snezana!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this post!

      Congrats on your vegan lifestyle. I personally am not vegan, but I depending on where you want to travel, you should be able to maintain your diet without too much hassle. Of course, some countries and regions will be better equipped to provide alternatives than others, but that would just have to be something you researched and prepped for. =)

      It sounds like you are about to embark on a very exciting time in your life and I can’t wait to see where life takes you! Please keep in touch! Looking forward to sharing more articles with you!

  3. Your blog is so inspiring! I too am a recent “broke grad”, and the idea of only traveling for holiday is not what I a looking for out of life. I was wondering if you were ever lonely while traveling by yourself, or if you ever had a friend ever travel with you. Also, girl to girl, did you ever feel scared or intimidated traveling as a woman all by yourself?

    • Hi Andrea!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I am so excited for you to figure out what it is you want next for yourself! This must be such an exciting and terrifying time for you. =)

      Very good questions. I’m actually working on a blog post related to relationships while traveling, but to answer your questions quickly…

      Yes, I do get lonely traveling by myself. But I get lonely sometimes when I’m on the couch at home, so I think it has less to do with the travel and more to do with human nature. Not being around the familiar can make you long for it, but I also find I now have so many friends worldwide. So I think it’s a fair tradeoff =)

      And girl to girl, of course! Safety is a big concern for me. I just work incredibly hard to make sure I’m traveling as safely and as SMART as I can. I don’t go to countries with known drug cartel wars or walk down dark alleyways by myself at night. I make sure my family knows where I am and always trust my gut instinct. And I use the buddy system. I make new friends and go on adventures with them. For being a solo female traveler, I spend a lot of time with others.

      I hope this helps! Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything else I can answer for you. You can also find more information on my facebook page:

      Looking forward to being in touch, Andrea! Lots of love to you!

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  5. This is a great post! I can see why so many people liked it. Really encouraging for all the wannabe travellers out there. I’m totally onboard with the philosophy of delayed, but greater, gratification. I try not to buy “stuff” because I know that every $100 or so I spend can give my family another day on the road. I love my expensive, foamy drinks too but try and limit them for special outings. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Bethaney! It means a lot coming from you. =)

      And I totally agree! Foamy drinks are great in moderation. Let the fun be what you maximize. =)

      Happy New Year! Looking forward to following your adventures this year.

  6. Hello! Are you a US citizen? My only issue would be visas & expenses obviously but you give some great pointers about expenses. Do you have any kind of visa whilst doing this? Please let me know! I am trying to figure out the next step of my life and dont really know where to start! Thanks =)

    • Hi there,

      Yes I am a US citizen. Depending on how long you’re going and what you’re planning on doing will depend on if/when you will need a visa and what kind. So far (out of the 10 countries I’ve traveled to) I’ve only needed a Visa for one. Where are you from? Most countries that have good visa regulations in your home country will have easier visa attainment. So for example, if the US requires people from AU to have a visa and they can only be here for a year on working holiday, Australia will most likely have similar if not the same visa for us. Make sense?

      Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions! And as always, if you find the information worth your time, I ask that you ‘like’ the Nomad Grad facebook page: =)


  7. You are absolutely right about finding ways to do things on the cheap. I am 7 days into my staycation and have gone to 8 shows and 1 club and spent not one cent on tickets or entry fees. And we are not talking ‘B’ list shows- Rich Little ($60), Trent Carlini $($50) and Blue Man Group ($70) as a few examples. So yes, you are correct. It is all about figuring out what is important and budgeting and / or finding a way to do it inexpensively.
    Thanks again for all your good words.
    Be safe.

  8. You are right about finding ways to do things on the cheap…even here in Ls Vegas. I have been on vacation for a week now and in 7 days I went to 9 shows and one club and spent not one dime on tickets or entrance fees. I am not talking ‘B’ level shows really- Rich Little ($60), Trent Carlini ($50) and Blue Man Group ($70) as a few examples. So yes, there ARE ways to have fun on the cheap if one just looks.

  9. Really inspiring post – I would love to travel more but finances have always been a barrier for me. I have just started my own blog about ’embracing life on a budget’ and I will definitely be adopting your attitude of setting goals and sticking to them…most of us dream for too many years and let opportunities pass us by. Great to see someone embracing life as fully as you do!

    • I am so happy to hear that you found the post inspiring! And congratulations on starting your own blog! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and following your journey.=)

      What kinds of places do you want to travel to?

      Looking forward to keeping in touch!

      • Thanks Hilary….my usual strategy is to go where the free accommodation is…so I tend to visit places where I have a friend living or working. It’s a bit cheeky but honestly most people like the company and I always work on the basis that I would return the favour. Looking forward to reading more about your travels now that I am a ‘follower’.

        • I am a big believer in couch-surfing. I think it’s such a fun time, and like you, I’ve had very positive experiences with it.

          Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you! Thanks so much for following! I hope I do ya proud πŸ˜‰

  10. This is a great blog. I will retire this year with very little income and there are lots of suggestions I can use. So it’s great for any age.

  11. That’s some experience!!! Thinking of just walking out of the office, packing your bags and taking a random bus headed anywhere. Exciting but also mysterious. Hehe!

    • Haha, it is tempting, isn’t it? I thought about abandoning the 9-5 years before I actually did it. I just fit so well in that mold, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t happy. A week in Nicaragua and I found the answer =).

      What is it that you do? My advice is just be ready to have doubts and feel like you’re out of your mind for awhile. But if you really do want to be nomadic, it will take commitment and that adjustment to make it happen. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer!

      Happy adventuring!

  12. “I think that travel (and life really) is all about enjoying yourself to the fullest. If that means spending a-hundred-and-a-lot of dollars on an expensive meal in Paris then so be it.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Some people spend fortunes on cars, blings or what-have-yous. For people like us, we splurge on adventure. Great post!

  13. Next, I’d like to go to Europe either Ireland or France. So far I’ve mostly traveled in Africa, and I’d like to go back and travel there more as well. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Happy traveling.

    • Wow! Africa sounds like such an adventure! I look forward to hearing more about this.

      And thank you so much for your kind words! Happy adventuring! Please stay in touch. Maybe we’ll meet one of these days down the road!

  14. Greetings from California! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to browse your website on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how quick your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, amazing blog!

  15. Good tips. My partner and I have our own pattern – we work full-time for a year, save every penny, then we take a year off and wander. Like you, we restrict a lot of the typical luxuries of modern life. We buy everything used, or find a way to get it for free. And when we wander, it’s on the cheap – living in our vehicle and camping around. For us it’s about each day’s unique experiences and each place’s unique character. Sometimes it’s tough-going, but I think first-world comfort is a small price to pay for the adventures found off the beaten path.

    • I have some friends that follow a similar pattern and love it! I am so happy to hear that you guys enjoy the journey as well, even those uncomfortable ones. =)

      What has been your favorite place to travel thus far?

      I hope you guys will stay in touch! Maybe we’ll meet somewhere along the way.

      • Sometimes I really miss the desert. AZ. Not sure why. Also Maui. But missing Maui makes a little more sense, hehe. What I want most right now is to get off this continent, but airfare has sky-rocketed the past few years. Le sigh..

  16. Great post! I’m currently living abroad in Peru where I teach English, sometimes sell articles sometimes translate and a whole other can of things so I can take months off and travel. Being in Peru puts me closer to places that I want to visit (no paying for plane rides) and of course the cost of daily living is a lot lower! (although, you earn less too) I just recently started a blog so check it out if you have a minute

    • Wow! Peru sounds amazing! How long will you be there for? What organization did you go through? I’ve been contemplating a teach abroad program, but the time commitment is a lot for me right now.

      I would love to read your blog! Thanks for linking. Will be sure to check it out.

      I hope you’ll stay in touch! I hope we get to meet along the road someday. =)

      Happy adventuring!

  17. Thank you so so so much!! I can’t wait to read what other financial advice you have to share! I’ve been daydreaming about becoming a full time gypsy for nearly a year now and just haven’t figured out how to do it…or maybe haven’t figured out how to overcome the fear of not being able to repay my student loans? My dream is to just pick up and go somewhere, anywhere and then work there for a month or 2 until I have enough money to and want to move on to the next place; lather, rinse, and repeat until my last day. I’d love to hear any tips you have about how to sell yourself to qualify for these various jobs you pick up. I mean, I’m in the human services field and having a job in that field that allows for travel is pretty much non-existant and the only other skills I see myself as having are customer service (translation: retail, fast food, and the like). I mean modeling? Dance instructor? Cattle driving?? How do you find the opportunities and how do you get hired?

    Keep the info coming and the travels going!

    • First of all, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support! I can feel your excitement through your comment and it excites me! I can’t wait to see where you will end up!

      I am happy to answer your questions and do what I can to help you get out there! I have been getting a lot of questions about how to get work and I’m in the process of compiling a how-to blog on that in particular. But don’t sell yourself short. I mean, even things like just being able to speak English, driving, having babysitting experience, whatever you’ve EVER done can prove beneficial when trying to sell yourself. I’ll get into more depth, but just start putting it in your brain to chew on. =)

      I hope you’ll stay in touch and check back for that post! Happy adventuring!

      • I will be glued to your blog from here on out haha. In fact, after reading this entry I was in tears and made up my mind to live my dream and stop being afraid of it. I started telling my friends and family about my plans this weekend and a few are being really encouraging but most are concerned and think I’m crazy. I tell them all, I realize it sounds crazy, and if I want to find reasons not to do it I’ll find plenty but if I want to find reasons to do it I’ll find plenty of those too. When I’m traveling and experiencing is when I’m at my happiest and to risk my own happiness just to be “safe” isn’t something I’m willing to do anymore. Sure, I might fail at it (budgeting isn’t exactly one of my strengths) and come home broke and hungry but if I’m going to try this now is the time – not when I’m retired. I mean, I met a girl this weekend who is about my age (late 20’s-early 30’s) who is faced with the decision to have another multi-visceral organ transplant to save her life or to live out the rest of her life as is. We don’t know what’s going to happen and we’re never really “safe” from everything all the time anyway. Sure, I’ll still have to pay my school loans and car payment every month but over the past year I’ve learned that the Universe always says “yes” so if I go into this with the intention and attitude of success, happiness, and abundance the Universe is going to help me achieve just that.

        I definitely plan on staying in touch and swapping stories and tips of our respective adventures – and thank you again for giving me that last little push I needed to decide to pursue my dream of unconventional happiness πŸ™‚

  18. I loved the practical, but free feel to this post. I agree, it may not be the lifestyle for everyone, but if you want it, you will make it happen. I’m so glad to see that you are out there embracing each and every adventure as they come. Also, I absolutely love your banner image with the pin-up girl flavor! I look forward to reading more about your travels and can’t wait to see where you end up next!

    Cheers to adventure, writing about it, and living it!


    • Hi Keith! Thank you so much for your kind words about the post and photos. I had such a blast writing the article and shooting that reel.

      I can’t wait to share my adventures with you! I wish you many wonderful experiences as well!

      I hope you’ll stay in touch! Happy adventuring!

  19. The topic of your blog grabbed my attention! I’d like to travel more and do other things as well. Your journey is very inspiratioanl! Thank you for the helpful tips ^_^

  20. This is exactly how I hope and plan on living my life. I started budgeting “like crazy”, as some of my friends said, last year because I was going to the States in January this year. I’ve continuously done the same thing while being over here which means that I am able to go – and I’m going – to Hong Kong and Australia in November/December. Screw the daily latte if the choice is between them and adventures!

    • Whoohoo! Good for you! Where in the US did you go?

      I am actually leaving for Australia here in a week, so hopefully I’ll gain some insight to help you plan your trips. I hope you’ll keep in touch so I can hear all about your amazing adventures!

      Thanks so much for commenting!

      • I’m in upstate New York and it’s been such a great experience. My semester is over in 2 weeks though – it’s sad but nice to get on the road again πŸ™‚ I’m going camping the first weekend of May and the week after I’m off to to Niagara Falls. Will be staying on/off with my brother in NYC but I’m going up to Montreal at the end of May and hopefully down to DC and Philly before I have to catch my flight home. Any experiences with those cities?

        Done – I’m subscribed to your blog. Can’t wait to read about Australia. Have a great trip!

        • Wow! What a great experience you’re having. And congrats on finishing school. You must be so excited to get on the road!

          I’ve been to Montreal, but it was more like the back woods of Montreal. Canadians appreciate when visitors make an attempt at French. They’re very similar to the Parisians in that manner. I haven’t been to DC or Philly, but I look forward to hearing your stories! We’ll have to swap stories when I get back. =)

          Thanks so much for subscribing! Looking forward to staying in touch!

  21. Hi Hilary!

    Well, i must say that i’m feeling blessed that i stumbled on your post. Though i’m a ‘9 to 5’ guy, i loved your post and i just wish, i could muster up courage to live life your way, seriously!

    I’m ordering your recommended, ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ book as well. Hope it gives me some insights!

    Keep moving around, and keep us (We-the-Bloggers) updated!

    Bye n take good care of yourself!


    • Hi Ashok!

      Well I must say that I feel blessed to have had you stumble across my blog! It’s always nice to hear that someone appreciates your thoughts! I hope you like the book. Be sure to let me know what you think!

      I have faith that you will have some amazing adventures in your life. Let me know how I can help!

      Happy adventuring!

      • I just got this book from (well, we’re in India here).

        Thought for almost 20 minutes before ordering this book… should i or shouldn’t i??? And, finally i ordered it. πŸ™‚

        Just hope that it is as good as you said in your post!

        And, may be, some days, i would live my life like you are living! πŸ™‚

        Bye for now!

        Take care

  22. Woaw! I loved your article! I have already travelled quite a lot for my age (I’m only 18) as I’ve been an exchange student in the US, the Netherlands and Quebec (French speaking part of Canada) and I also have travelled a lot as a simple tourist (aaah the cance to be european and only have to drive for 4 hours or so to be in a totally different country, culture…). And honestly, now that i am at College, I feel like this beautiful time of travelling at least once every year is over… In 2 years, i will go study a semester abroad (it is required for my studies) and I am thinking to go in Japan, Australia or Sweden. But after that, after I graduate and find a job, will I ever have the time again to travel not as a tourist but as someone wanting to discover a whole new culture once again? What would you recommend?

    • First of all, I am so happy to hear that you liked the article! It sounds like you’ve had an amazing life of travel so far and many more wonderful opportunities are abound!

      What are you studying? I will start composing a blog to answer your question… my reply is a little cumbersome for a comment reply, but I will be sure to do what I can to help!

      But something tells me you will always find a way to travel. At 18 and to already have the experiences you’ve had? Man… you are going to be one worldly person!

      • Thanks so much for answering my comment! I am studying business engineering πŸ™‚ It’s really interesting! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to read your next post ! I hope I will be a wordly person! I think that maybe later working in the travelling business would be great to do that! What do you think about it?

        • My apologies for not getting back to this sooner! For some reason I’m just seeing this!

          If you want to be a worldly person then you certainly shall! Don’t give up on that. =)

          I think that if you want to work in travel, you should certainly start looking into it and how you could apply your degree. There are so many options I have no doubt you will find the right fit for you!

  23. Thank you for echoing a few things I already knew. So many people ask me why I travel. I say: “Why not?”. There are so many times when people ask me how I afford to travel overseas every year. But it all comes down to those priorities. I’d rather save my dollars and take my accrued four weeks of annual leave each year to experience countries, cultures and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Spending my money during shallow shopping trips on things I don’t need really doesn’t do it for me. Well done for financing for what really matters in life!

    • Thank you so much, Justine! I completely understand your feelings. I feel like it’s really hard for people who haven’t traveled before to understand how we can make these sacrifices. But I say spend a week around some Nicaraguan villagers and you’ll get it. =)

      What has been your favorite experience/adventure so far?

      Looking forward to hearing more about your travels! Maybe we’ll meet on the road one of these days =).

      • I hear you entirely!

        My most memorable experience to date has been travelling through Syria, Jordan and Egypt. I encountered so many mixed reactions when I told people I was travelling to parts of the Middle East. Some were happy for me while others were skeptical or unimpressed. I now tell people to stop listening to the news or their governments and go and see it for themselves. Syrians are the most hospitable people on earth (who I’ve encountered so far). Though, the situation is unsafe now, but in future years, travellers should go.

        Hopefully one day we might just run into each other! πŸ™‚

        • I’ve actually heard amazing things about Syria as well. I hope to make it over that way sooner than later.

          And I would love to run into you one of these days! Us adventurers need to stick together ;). Please keep in touch!

  24. Most inspiring blog…and making me homesick for the many places I’ve been!! But no regrets. I traveled extensively for more than 18 years – similar to the way you are doing it. Work hard – budget – travel. I married a beautiful lady from Thailand and we are working at retiring back in her village and maintaining and running the organic farm.
    I LOVE reading blogs like this.
    Thanks so much.


    • Hi Doug! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I’m so glad to hear you liked it!

      It sounds like you must have had some amazing adventures! And what a great idea! Let me know when you and your wife get set up. I would be happy to come and help out on the farm for awhile! Sounds like such a beautiful place.

      Be well, and please stay in touch!

      • Last year I helped a girl who quit her job, sold everything,and for a year traveled around (most) of the world. There is a whole website dedicated to it and others doing the same. She was scared at first naturally but now is looking at switching her career to somehow make it travel orientated. I can hook you up if you’d like.

        • I’m always interested in checking out how others are making it happen! That would be great, thanks!

          And good on you for helping someone else actualize their dream. That’s wonderful! Keep at it!

          • I will contact Lily and hook you two together. I’m sure you’ll have lots to discuss. Reading some of these replies I realize How lucky I am to have traveled to so many wonderful places; not just travel but spend months and years exploring. Nothern Thailand was my homebase;so easy to travel from there. From Australia to India to Laos to Singapore and more … all just a few hours away.
            Anyway – Lily will be in touch. Cheers.

            • I hope you don’t mind me jumping into your conversation, but I was reading through everyone’s comments to see what other tips and inspiring stories were being shared and I came across your comment. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing the website you mentioned that was tailored to the professional gypsy lifestyle? I’d love to check it out and see what helpful information it might have in store for me to begin my gypsy journey πŸ™‚ Thanks so much! And again, I hope you don’t mind my jumping in here

  25. do i even need to mention that i love you for being you and living the life ive been PARTIALLY living since becoming an unemployed college graduate in Dec. You ROCK!

    • You are so sweet! I love you for being you, too!

      Let me know if you have any questions or how I can help you in your venture! I look forward to seeing you out on the road (or seas ;).

      Happy adventuring!

    • My will gets stronger the more I travel, especially when I go to third world countries. In places where you have to pull your own water from a well and where most families don’t eat everyday, you learn to live without. I think that’s the greatest thing I could ask for, or wish upon anyone really, is to go visit a non-industrialized society to see what life is really about. =)

      Thanks so much for reading! I look forward to sharing more stories with you in the future. Happy adventuring!

      • I’ve been there. My visits to countries like Malasia were an eye opening religious experience. It was there that I learned that people who are starving will work for pennies a day because it is more money than they have ever seen in a lifetime, and they are grateful to get it.

        • That definitely sounds like an experience worth having. And how spiritually moving that must have been to witness.

          I hope you’ll stay in touch and let me know more about your future adventures!

          Be well~

    • Hey Adrianne! Sorry about bursting the bubble. I fully support you in your journey and hope that you find your way to Iceland soon! I’ve heard it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. =)

      Happy adventuring!

  26. You’re lifestyle is awesome! I can really relate to weighing what to spend money on. I went through odd jobs and budgeting during the fall, and now I’m studying in Budapest! I’ve been seriously considering looking for a job that allows me to travel, especially since being abroad has increased my interest in travel. I’ve been worrying over whether or not I could handle that lifestyle, and if I’d find such a job. Your post gave me another option — to be flexible about my options. Your post is a huge inspiration, and the travel lifestyle looks like more of a possibility for me.

    • Hi Krystina! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I enjoy my lifestyle, that’s for sure.

      Budapest sounds wonderful! Isn’t it funny how when you start traveling your motivation to keep doing it skyrockets? I definitely encourage you to keep your options open. I think if you put it out to the universe you want a job that will allow you to continue to travel, you will find opportunities presenting themselves in the most unlikely of places. =)

      Let me know how I can help! Stay in touch and happy adventuring!

    • Putting thoughts out the universe is a beautiful thing! Verbalizing your wants is sometimes half the battle!

      Let me know how I can be of help! I know your waiting and hard work will be worth the trip!

      • Thank you! I definitely will. I’m so inspired by your blog right now that I’m actually forcing myself to learn how to do an actual budget. LOL…no really. And I have so many “extras” that I have to cut out. But to get me to London- worth it!

        • I’m so happy to hear I could motivate you to do so! Please let me know if you have any questions about London or even if you just need encouragement to stay on that path!

          Please stay in touch! And keep with it!

  27. Excellent piece! Don’t live to work but work to live.

    I spent a number of years traveling myself, living out of the turtleshell that was my backpack, train riding throughout Europe (and the occasional Easyjet flight). I actually took the study abroad route as a means to get myself over “there” a couple of times, absorbed my surroundings, then when it was over… just figured out how to stay.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been lax on the travel experiences over the last few years but you article here was inspiring. It got the mind churning again… Hmmm…. now I need to figure out where to go πŸ™‚

    Thank you and HAPPY TRAVELS!!

    • Thank you so much!

      Sounds like you had some amazing experiences yourself! Whereabouts have you traveled?

      Happy to help motivate! Let me know if you ever need a push to get back out there!

      Happy adventuring!

  28. This is a fantastic blog post. I agree with so much of what you have to say. I am currently spending a lot of time abroad with my husband. While he works I take advantage of my own free time and our location to do extra travel on the side. As you said, saving, prioritizing, freelancing and taking job opportunities where and when you can is critical to affording a lot of travel. When I was working 9 to 5 I was throwing so much money away on those extra things that I don’t miss anymore. After eliminating many of my “North American excess spending habits” like lattes and car expenses, I find I have plenty of leftover cash to put towards travel experiences.

    Another suggestion I might add is to research and pick places to visit where your dollar will go further. For example I love to shop, and yes it is possible to shop when traveling on a budget, it’s just you have to research what you should buy when you go to certain place. Usually, the region’s specialty is what you should be looking for to bring back to friends at home and not gimmicky items made and imported in from somewhere else. For example, I buy alpaca wool items in northern Chile, and fabrics and handmade clothes in Buenos Aires, all very affordable items in those respective locations and they are some of my favourite souvenirs. (So you can even be a “shopaholic” on a budget – just research what to buy where!)

    I think the line that struck me the most was when you wrote “this isn’t a vacation” – it’s so true that traveling/adventuring constantly is a life style choice. A vacation is a very temporary situation where most people allow themselves to indulge and splurge. Travel and adventures on a budget should be approached very differently, like it’s just another ordinary day… spent in a different place. Great work!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy to hear you could relate to the article!

      And I completely agree with your additional advice! You definitely want to spend your money on worthwhile items. =) Thanks so much for sharing!

      What does your husband do?

      Safe travels!!

  29. I love your attitude and perspective. Thanks for breaking it down and showing us how travel can become an everyday reality. As a fellow travel addict, I agree wholeheartedly that experiences trump “things” any day. I don’t have to budget quite as much, but regardless of one’s circumstances, thinking about where your money goes and what truly matters during your travels is very smart and will result a richer experience (so to speak). Have fun on your travels! I look forward to reading more!

    • Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear you agree!

      What has been one of your favorite experiences or memories made while traveling?

      Happy adventuring! Looking forward to sharing more posts with you!

  30. I would love to travel extensively. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, but with a wife and two kids it takes quite a bit more budgeting. I take what I can get though. I won a trip to Australia a few years back and I go on long drives to new places.

    • I can imagine traveling with a family is a bit more difficult! Your trip to Australia sounds like a great experience! And never underestimate the value of awesome road trips. =)

      I hope there are many more great adventures in your future! Take care!

  31. Great blog, I can’t believe I haven’t read it before! I’ve been hoping to adopt this lifestyle for years. Thank you for posting these tips: you have secured my expectations and motivated me to keep on my path! Great article, congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  32. Very interesting read! Great information and ideas to pick up as I’ve been thinking about trying to achieve something along the lines of travel funded through a continuous production of art. Quite difficult so far, but I figure like all good things it takes some time. Many tales about your determination, success or failure in the earlier days?

    • I’m glad you liked it! It sounds like you’ve got a great road ahead of you with your art!

      And as far as tales of the early days, these are them! This is a very recent career change for me, so I’m figuring it all out with you. =)

      Happy adventuring!

  33. Stumbled across your blog via the ‘freshly pressed’ page. Just wanted to drop a note from another would-be nomad. πŸ™‚ I’m currently in the process of lining up freelance writing work (science reporting and commentary, predominately) and saving up a *healthy* emergency fund so that I can make the break from my current job in about a year’s time and start exploring. Definitely interested to hear your take on getting steady writing gigs. Cheers!

    (I’m not far from Vegas — Flagstaff, actually. Say ‘hello’ next time you’re in the neighborhood!)

    • Hey there!

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog! It sounds like you’re about to start your own amazing adventure!

      Freelance work right now is kind of a hit or miss for me. I submit as often as I can to wherever I can to see what comes back. This is a giant career shift for me as well, so I am still figuring out the ropes, but I’ll try to help you however I can.

      And whoohoo for Flagstaff! I don’t get down that way very often, but if/when I do I’ll be sure to stop by. And of course, feel free to look me up whenever you get up this way =).

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  35. Well written blog post and great timing for me. I am looking at making a lifestyle change in the next couple of years (my son graduates high school in 2 years and will be off on his own adventure so it’s my time πŸ™‚ ) Thanks for your insight and sharing your experiences. You sound a lot like myself and they way I see myself traveling the world. I am not a materialistic person and being frugal when I travel isn’t a problem. I agree the experiences last a lifetime and that’s what I’m most interested in. Thanks for sharing this post and I look forward to reading your next one.

  36. Hi! Thanks for sharing us this wonderful article. Traveling is actually one of my greatest frustrations. I hope I could also achieve what you have attained in your life. Will be looking forward to your other posts.

    • Hi Joanne!

      Why do you say traveling is one of your greatest frustrations? Let me know if I can answer questions that you may have! I want to what I can to help you have an amazing travel experience!

      All the best~

  37. We are Groupon girls! I’m a Filipina exchange student in NYC, and this is my first big adventure on my own. My belief in delayed gratification is now stronger. Go for what you want, and get rid of everything that holds you down. Thank you so much for this! Will come home to the Philippines a wiser person mentally and financially! Followed!

  38. Fantastic post! Your advice is really practical and down-to-earth, and I think it’s stuff we all need to hear, regardless of whether we spend our lives traveling or not.

    • Thank you very much! I pride myself with being as real and practical as I can be. I want to give the advice that I want to receive. =)

      What kinds of adventures do you have in your life?

  39. I’m very lucky that i can teach and travel but i totally agree with your article! In fact i think most people “can’t save” because there is also something else holding them back. It is nearly always possible!

      • Agreed! Right now i’m in Australia (saving like a mad woman) for the next leg of the trip which is to south America. I’m really excited to be going to another place that is so culturally different. Although Australia is fun….it is very much like home…I’m excited to read more about your adventures…enjoying the blog very much…

        • Oh wow! How exciting! I’m on my way to Australia in just a few days here. Very excited about it.

          SA is on my list as well! Maybe we’ll meet somewhere along the road. =)

          Safe travels! Hope you’ll stay in touch!

  40. I really want to love this kind of lifestyle. I have been tour guiding in the Philippines and it permits me to travel and earn at the same time. But unfortunately, for Philippine passports, there are a lot of visa issues going on, and I cannot go to just any country, The application is gruesome! I applied for Schengen Visa to go to Europe for backpacking and dear it was so frustrating! 😦

    • Wow, that does sound frustrating! Have you thought about tour-guiding in other countries?

      I hope that you’re able to find what works for you! Please let me know what I can do to help or if you have any questions I can answer!

      • I am currently living in Singapore and unfortunately they only accept locals as tour guides.

        Yes, thank you let me know if you know of some job opportunities. I am tryingt to find a living here in SG working in an office (which really bores me out). So for the meantime I am exploring neighbor countries to Singapore. At the end of the month I will be going to Sumatra. Thanks for your inspiring blog. I will really find away to go back to being a nomad soon! πŸ™‚

  41. very interesting read. I would love to travel the world an take photos and film. i think that would be really awesome. this post has given me some stuff to think about in terms of what to consider etc. how long have you been doing this for?

    • Hi Deborah!

      I’m so happy to hear that you liked it! I encourage you to pursue your goals a hundred and ten percent!

      I just started doing this ‘full-time’ a little over 8 months ago. It’s been quite the unexpected adventure!

      Let me know how I can help! Happy adventuring!

  42. If I were you, I would pull some of the text immediately and save some of it for a publication as you don’t want it all floating freely here. =)

    I just linked this to my Facebook account and said “This girl took the words right off my keyboard” – jokingly, of course! I am doing the same as you, but after a master’s degree, and as I sit here in Heidelberg looking out across beautiful low mountains and 19th century architecture, I have perused some messages saying “When are you coming home?” Hmm, well, what shall I come home to? People mean well but I was thinking in the shower this morning that it would seem God created a lot of stock characters or “TOWNSPEOPLE” who chant in unison, such as in plays. (The first video has the view I just described)

    • Wow, what a compliment! Thank you so much!

      How cool that you are able to have that view! What brings you to Heidelberg?

      Safe travels! I hope one day we can meet up along the road =).

      • I am looking to land a full-time job abroad again, but in Europe. It’s the ultimate challenge. This time I think I will have to bow out because I run out of time with the 90-day visa restrictions. It’s probably back to Asia to deepen the pockets again.

        The real way to realize the dream you describe, I think, is when two people are together, save a bundle, buy a property, rent it out, and then live off that to support their travels.

        • Yeah, it definitely sounds like the ultimate challenge! Please let me know how that works out for you. I’ll send some good vibes your way!

          And you’re probably right! There are so many ways to stay on this path, but some definitely work better than others.

          Please stay in touch! Happy travels!

  43. I love to travel. But i kinda find it hard to balance my work life with my passion, which is photography. I want te be able to travel an capture memmories and people i meed in my images. You already seem to be living a life i wish for. This was very informative. looking forward for more such articles from you.

    • Work and travel is definitely a balancing act, but your in the PERFECT field to be able to try travel photography or to pick up freelance work while traveling.

      I recommend getting in touch with some photographers to see how they do it. I’m happy to help how I can as well!

      Happy trails!

  44. Well done and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I decided long ago that if I ever lose my job I’m going to pack it up and travel for a year. Experience is everything. Loved your article. I blog about thrift shopping so I can appreciate saving money and budgeting. Cheers and happy travels. I’m sending good karma your way. And for sure following your blog!

  45. Extremely dope! I have slowly started doing this because I also crave the ability to see things and illuminate my mind in ways that I never knew possible. Going around the US is just the beginning for me. I was really interested in reading this when I saw it on “Freshly pressed” though. Enjoy your trip and know that you have gained a follower.

    • Thank you so much! Seeing the US is quite an accomplishment! There’s still so much of it I haven’t explored yet and I think that’s a great place to start!

      I’m glad you got a chance to see it when it was featured. Let me know if you have any questions or how I can help you along your journey!

      Happy adventuring!

  46. Just stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did! I just returned from a year away in Europe and unfortunately I did not adopt these principles in time and lived to the very fullest during every moment. I’m now paying back all the debt I accrued (although I dont regret any of it) and it means I’ve had to put traveling on hold for the time being. I didn’t count on how restless I’d become after my taste of travel. You are so right when you talk about discovering your own priorities and figuring out what you value most. It really is interesting to take a step back and realize that it is the amazing memories and experiences that make our lives full and not necessarily always material possessions. Thanks for reminding me πŸ™‚

  47. The only thing I enjoyed more than your post has been watching you interact with your audience. πŸ™‚

    My wife and I are in the planning stages of our own grand adventure out in the wide world. I lived in China previously and she’s lived in London. We both cannot wait to see what else waits for us beyond the next Arrival gate.

    Be safe out there! I hope our paths cross one day!

    • Hi Frank! That is so kind of you! I am having so much fun responding to everyone’s comments!

      Sounds like you and your wife have a great journey ahead of you! I hope you’ll stay in touch! I would love to meet you both one day on the road =).

      Happy adventuring!

  48. I love this! I’m actually trying to do the same thing right now. All I want to do is travel and see the world. I have been to Miami, NYC, and Mexico in the past year and im about to jet set to London! I love this lifestyle and picked it up right after I graduated! KEEP AT IT!

  49. Excellent post, your advice confirms what I know I have to do but so far I’m lacking the commitment in terms of giving up some of my daily (and occasionally frivolous) purchases. We’re planning another big trip for 2014 so I shall have to start saving soon πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much!

      Sometimes the reality check can be the hardest part. My advice is just get out there and start doing. The sooner you can put plans in action, the sooner you will break free from the material.

      Whoohoo 2014! Where are you planning on going?

      • One reality check coming up – reviewing our budget!

        The plan is to go back to Europe and include a few Eastern European destinations in addition to seeing more of Italy, France and Germany. Hopefully we will be travelling for 2-3 months, it is a long way to go for a few weeks πŸ™‚

  50. Wow, this was really informative. I am constantly trying to figure out the hierarchy in my life with what I love/want more, and traveling is something that I feel like I can’t live without. I will definitely take this to heart–especially the budgeting!

    • Hi Marissa! I am so happy to hear that you found it useful!

      Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with when it comes to getting your travel lifestyle started! I know you will love it!

      • Thanks Hilary, I’m going to try traveling to learn about pastry art and illustration I think–I really needed to read something like this to motivate me!

        • Hi miss Marissa! I am so glad I could help motivate you! Pastry art sounds great… and tasty! Please keep in touch and let me know how things go!

          Let me know if I can provide any more motivation for you. =) Be well~

      • You know, I have always wanted to travel but was always discouraged by a lot of factors—-like money! But thanks to your tips I can now look at travelling in a diff perspective! I hope to visit South Korea someday…or soon.=) And I will pocket the things that you have listed here.=)

        • If you are really interested in going to S. Korea, there are some amazing teaching abroad programs run through there. Let me know and I can put you in touch with some friends that have done it!

          • Really? Wow.That’s amazing. If there is a brief stint where I could participate (like Teaching Assistants for 2 weeks, just brief since I have work) I would love to join!

            • Most of the teaching programs (where you get paid and they put you up) are at least 6 month committments. That’s the only reason why I haven’t done it myself yet. I will check around and see what other programs are available, but there are other volunteer programs available (where you pay your own way) that are shorter. It just kind of depends on your budget and your time frame =).

  51. LOVE your post. It speaks to the snuffled out adventurer in me. (I’m a Mama to 2 young ones.) Wish I would’ve done more adventure-izin’ before I had kids, but I do love where I am now. I’ll just live vicariously through your blog. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much! It sounds like you are on quite the adventure yourself! I have a young niece and boy, is she a spitfire! I have to give props to any mommy out there. One day I hope to have that adventure, but not yet.

      And I’m sure you will have (and do have) many amazing adventures! Please keep in touch and let me know what amazing things come across your path. =)

  52. Wow all the jobs you’ve done seems like an adventure within itself! I find paying for things with a credit card makes you realize how much money you spend in a month and on what. Boy did that open my eyes when I did that for a month.

    I am planning on traveling this summer and a lot of this will help me prepare for it! Thanks!

  53. Love this story much. Inspiring.
    This inspires me to start traveling, getting new experiences, go to new places and meet new peoples. Thanks.

    • Oh I am so happy to hear that you found it inspiring! Where do you want to travel to? How can I help you?

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Keep moving forward. Many wonderful adventures await you!

  54. Wow, you have eloquently elucidated my thoughts about life and money exactly. I totally agree about spending money on experiences rather than stuff. Thank you for giving some pointers to us fellow nomads! Happy travels! I hope to run into you in some distant land sometime πŸ˜‰

      • At the moment, I’m finishing up my own pragmatic route by graduating with a BA in International Studies (with a focus on politics and diplomacy), though I’m fast becoming disenchanted with the whole school thing.

        I’m happy to say, though, that I’m extremely blessed to have an internship at the U.S. Embassy in Paris waiting for me from June to December. I am an unabashed francophile, and your posts about Paris warmed my little French heart.

        If you pass through Paris again, you must let me know!

          • By the way, I didn’t answer your original question, but I’m currently in College Station, Texas. There’s nothing here but my university, but I’m from Austin, so if you ever want to take a trip to the Live Music Capital of the World, hit me up. I love playing tour guide in my Austin-tatious hometown. πŸ™‚

  55. I love your article. I totally agree with you that if you want to do it….really want to….then there is always a way….you just have to be willing to sacrifice. My husband and I travel quite a bit two, mostly in the US but even here there is so much to see. We have made several changes in our lives so that we make traveling a priority.

    • Oh, I am so happy to hear that you agree!

      I’ve done some travel through the US, but you are absolutely right! There is so much to see and do! What has been one of your favorite memories so far?

      Safe travels!

  56. Love it! Welcome to the club. I have been on the road for 14 years and half the time people can’t keep up to my whereabouts unless I send a postcard. Smart and practical advice. Stay safe but above all have fun.

      • Travel nursing and freelance writer. I also use trips as birthday presents to myself. Past adventures have been a true learning experience. I have meet with prejudice as well as insight. Thank goodness their are more nice people out there than bad. My favorite places so far are Savannah, GA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Baltimore. I save my money and travel overseas a lot with my favorite being London and Aussie, the land down under. I’m planing a trip to Costa Rica for my birthday.

        • Wow, it sounds like you’ve had some amazing experiences! I’m actually headed to Australia here in about a week. Do you have any recommendations for favorite places or experiences?

          How did you break into freelance writing? Always looking for ways to expand my knowledge base about that!

          Be sure to let me know how Costa Rica goes! Safe travels!

          • I enjoyed Sydney and Cains. I took a side trip to a beautiful rain forest with only 10 of us in the group which made it very personal and fun. I have been writing since I was a child. I started by doing freelance work for a newspaper and then submitting to magazines. I would also write to Letters to the Editor to practice and then found my work in print. My website, has my media page that you can look at. Wish I could return to Australia with you. Have fun, safe travels and let me know how it went when you return.

  57. Great post. I’m thinking cruise ships for myself for now and see how it works out. In my research, if you don’t want to commit to 6 – 8 months as required to work on most cruises, try applying as a guest lecturer. You won’t get paid much or not at all, but you will get a free trip. You would probably be on a ship for up to three weeks and you can do it as often or as little as you want in a year. You’re only required to provide lectures while the ship is at sea meaning you have the freedom to catch an excursion or go out on your own at each port. You do have to provide up to three examples of what you would talk about. Do read about the companies you apply for so you know what their expectations are about. For example, I was on a Holland America ship and the exploration team discussed countries they’ll be visiting. The one guy was allowed to talk about astronomy and birds because he managed to connect it to these countries.

    Another tip, because you are so frugal and I’m totally with you on that, try Meetup online. It is a social website and with various interest groups. Choose groups you would be interested in in the location you’ll be visiting. I believe it’s North America only. Some groups will charge you an annual fee (for the maintenance of the website – it’s $150USD for the organizer to keep it up) to be a member while others won’t. Many of them will provide free events like walking/hiking or meeting at cafes where you pay your own way. You really have to know your stuff and the city you’ll be visiting. Toronto, for examples has many free festivals around the city and many meetup groups will plan events around these events. Though you don’t have to join meetup to attend these festivals, it’s actually fun to be around people of similar interests and it’s a good way to meet new people. University of Toronto provide free movie screenings as well as astronomy lectures. That’s a lot of fun. Though I don’t necessarily have to be a part of a meetup group for this, I would only know about them because I do see it get posted and the fact that someone is willing to organize it is great.

    • Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to give me all of your sage advice! I would LOVE to be booked as a lecturer somewhere. I will have to try it out!

      And I never thought to use Meetup while I was out of the country. I participate with meetup groups locally, but that’s a great idea! Thank you so much!

      Do you have a most memorable trip or adventure that you’ve been on?

      Thanks again!

      • Hi, I do Meetup locally, though it would be interesting if you did events with meetup in other areas. I don’t know if joining would be good, though if you see an open site where it’s not membership exclusive, you should try messaging the organizer in advance if you can a join an event or two. The other day, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join a group but saw an event that seemed interesting. I didn’t want to miss out. I explained this to the guy and he said it was fine for me to come. I ended up joining because it’s what I want. In your case, if your on vacation, message the organizer saying you would like to participate but don’t live in the area. Then send your blog about your experience as a world traveller and say how much it would add to the experience if you could join even for just one event. I’m not sure if it’s around the world, but I definitely know it’s at least in North America.

        Definitely look into being a guest lecturer. With all that you’ve done, you can probably lecture on the best of each country such as food or most interesting finds.

      • What I know for sure is that Meetup is in North America. Not too sure about worldwide. I do events locally. I’m sure if you tried, organizers will allow you to come to an event or two in town when visiting without having to sign up for their group. Message them personally and explain your life experience and blog. Especially in your case where you travel a lot, it would be difficult to join and expect to be committed to it. Anyone who doesn’t let you in is crazy. The other day, I saw an event posted and felt like I wanted to try it out first. I messaged the organizer and he said sure. Afterwards, I realize it’s what I want to be a part of it and joined.

        Definitely look into being a guest lecture. With your life experience, you can pretty much talk about anything travel related from food, culture and interesting finds.

        As for my favourite place, it would have to be Ushuaia, Argentina. I was there just a day but I was awestruck. We were lucky to come on a day where it was sunny. It’s usually cloudy with chance of precipitation according to locals. So there’s a bit of rivalry with Chile about the slogan “End of the World.” Look it up and then visit Puerto William in Chile. Aside from Punta Arenas, Valparaiso and Rio de Janeiro, I would go back to that place. For Ushuaia, please visit my blog: If you wait a little bit, I’ll be writing about penguins in Punta Arenas, Chile.

        I don’t get to travel as much as you do. So I admire you to have the courage and the will to make your dreams happen.

        • Thanks so much for all of the great advice! I will start looking into it!

          And it’s interesting that you mention Argentina… I’ve been looking to head that way in the past month or so. I will be sure to check out the blog!

          Happy adventuring! Please keep in touch!

  58. I absolutely love and applaud this post! I am currently in the saving a lot, a lot to start up my nomadic life next fall! It was a hard blow to realize that I probably should be buying those mocha’s everyday. But I’ve discovered that I like tea! A bit cheaper, and a bit healthier! Great post, again!

  59. I love this post!! This is my life – I’m also a broke post-grad! My bottom line is almost always: ‘will this matter in a few weeks?’ – such a good point to swear by. And I also, refuse to regret any food purchases – if it’s inherent in the culture of the place you’re visiting, why settle for something you know and like, when you could try something new that you might not, but that you might also not have the opportunity to try again? Following!

    • Thank you so much! And I am happy to hear there is another unique adventurer out there! It’s always nice to meet other inspiring and go-getter people!

      What are you up to these days?

      Looking forward to hearing more about your story!

      • Unfortunately, I’m back in the ‘pursuing funding’ side of things as of right now but hoping to be back on the road (or in our case, on the snow) by Jan. Longest time sitting still in five years so will be itching to go by next year but should have enough cash to play for a while after that. Here’s hoping!

  60. This is brilliant! I’m going to keep watching your blog. :). I’ve considered doing what you are doing because I, too, think life and culture and people just offer so many new interesting experiences. Thank you for doing this blog. I’ve got the budgeting down to a tee seeing as I’ve lately had to at home and I must say, it’s really not that hard once you get used to it. It also changes your general world view. You realize how important and gratifying the simple things are. :). The only thing I get nervous with in nomadic travel is how I would go about finding work, how I would chat to people, get to know them. I guess I’d be socially awkward because I’m inexperienced somewhat but could you do a post one day on your experiences in getting work in some different countries/overall general experience with that? I’m not a postgrad, not even completed a University degree (only college and school) so I guess that I would be at a slight disadvantage?

    • Hey there!

      First of all, thank you so much for your kind words! I feel so grateful to be receiving comments from nice people such as yourself!

      Next, I do NOT think you will be at a disadvantage at ALL! But I am MORE than happy to draft up a post to answer your questions. On the fly all I can say is just go for it. Practice practice practice =).

  61. It’s great you have thought through the pros and cons of feeding your travel passion. I’ve been unemployed 3 times in life with the longest @ 18 months long. Honest, it’s just easier for me, to have a peace of mind to know that I have some money so basic needs are looked after…when I am not travelling or later, I will not be physically capable of travelling far in frail, old age: I can’t rely on anyone looking after me. It’s just reality we have to face and plan for.

    May I suggest to anyone reading my comment: Consider seriously a cycling lifestyle. It will truly get you budgeting and how much/little you really need to buy since you have to transport the weight by bike. So not much junk to cart home! It also is great way to see the world and if you’re game, camp along the way. One also gets the double benefit of becoming fit over time but it doesn’t feel like exercise at times.

    • Thanks, so much Jean! I’m absolutely with you about taking the time to travel now!

      And I think that’s great advice to anyone looking to travel! There are so many ways to make travel happen and it’s great to hear other avenues!

      Do you have a favorite place to travel?

  62. You are amazing awesome wonderful and I want to meet you and devour the world with you. I’ve only just taken to the bohemian world of endless lovely nomadic adventures and I’m still trying to figure it all out, and I just found your blog and I’m going to keep following it and your travels because you definitely have things figured out and why not learn from the best?

    • Wow! What a compliment! Thank you so much for your kind words!

      I am so happy to hear that you find the blog inspirational and I absolutely encourage you to keep going! Maybe one day we’ll have the chance to meet and grab coffee somewhere =).

      Looking forward to following your adventures!

  63. Love to travel also! Unfortunately, I am trapped now until the kids are old enough to carry their own suitcases, so right now I am just dreaming and living vicariously through blogs like yours. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much!

      I am so happy to hear you love to travel as well! They will be old enough to travel before you know it. Enjoy that amazing adventure while you can!

      What has been your favorite trip so far?

        • Wow! That sounds unbelievable! Belize is definitely on my list of places to see. =)

          Hmm… I have so thoroughly enjoyed everywhere I’ve gone thus far. I think volcano boarding in Nicaragua was pretty unbelievable. But I hope to keep building on these amazing moments. =)

  64. Back when I was a freelance journalist and had a freer and more flexible schedule, my life sounded much like this post! It was completely worth it, and I don’t regret a single trip that I took during those years. With that said, I got a much slower start on things like retirement planning and saving for an eventual mortgage, and I very rarely had health care coverage! As I moved into my 30s, my priorities shifted. (I still travel, but it’s no longer my fulltime lifestyle.) I’m curious to know if you’ve already found a way to budget for such things, if you don’t think you’ll ever consider them priorities, or if you’re just putting them off for later down the road. In any case, enjoy the adventure! This is such a big, fantastic world with so much to experience!

    • Hi there!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

      Being a freelance journalist sounds amazing! I would love to get into a career like that! Hoping an avenue like that will open up here shortly =)

      It sounds like you have had a very full life! As far as my future planning is concerned, I don’t have much saved at the moment. I spent a lot of my late teens saving and saving for such things, but life eventually got in the way and the savings went to other areas of my life (school, apartments, injuries). I will be sure to post more on it so that I can help elucidate my choices. =)

      Please keep writing! Looking forward to following your adventures!

  65. I am happy for the life you live. Your tips and tricks on budgeting and stretching the dollar is how I mostly travel too, but the big difference is you’re living the “life” I’m dreaming of. I admire your will power. You have your priorities set πŸ™‚

    One question, do you ever worry about those WHAT IFs, like if you can’t find your next job in time before the rent is due? How do you deal with that?

    • Hey there!

      First of all, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so overwhelmed with the support I’ve been receiving.

      As far as the What If’s… I seem to be getting that question a lot today so I will be posting about it shortly! Too much to answer in a comment =).

      What kind of ‘life’ do you want to live?

      • I look forward to reading that post.
        The life I would like to live would be one where I worry less and do more. Fulfill those little desires and like I read somewhere, put my intention out into the universe :).

  66. This is FANTASTIC. Thank you for sharing this with the world! It reminds me of something Zig Ziglar said, “The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now.”

    You’ve clearly got the discipline nailed down! It’s inspiring. And awesome.

    And deserving of Freshly Pressed! Congratulations on that!

    • Thank you so much! Really, I am so grateful to be able to read such supportive comments!

      What a great quote. Thank you so much for sharing =).

      What kinds of things do you want to do with your time?

      Stay in touch!

    • It is quite an addictive lifestyle. I think I’d have a hard time going back to a ‘normal’ lifestyle!

      Where do you want to go? What kinds of things do you want to do? Here’s to dreaming!

  67. Must be a very exciting life you lead. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. On a side note, and if you care to share, how can one find work writing articles for magazines & newspapers, ghost blogging, or social media marketing? I’m about one year into blogging and would like to expand beyond my current scope.

    • Oh I’m so happy to hear you liked it!

      Actually, I didn’t end up having any college loans. I actually got paid to go to school by my university. Kind of a long story. I will be sure to blog about it to help explain that, as well as how to budget loans into the equation!

  68. I wish I could live a nomadic lifestyle. I plan on traveling as much as possible in the future, so I look forward to some great tips and advice from you. Can’t wait! And congrats on being freshly pressed πŸ™‚

    • Hey there!

      I know you will absolutely enjoy it! Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help you get on the path to adventure!

      And thank you so much! I am so excited about it!

  69. I have to say that you’ve hit the nail on the head. I spent a year living like a nomad. I stayed where I had work, I went to new places on whims and found random jobs (milked baby buffalo and earned some free pizza!), I slept in questionable places…you know the routine. I loved it. I felt so connected and alive but it is also somewhat mentally exhausting to always be asking yourself “Where am I going to stay?” “Can I buy food in this country on this exchange rate with what I have?”….you find a lot of kindness and generosity in the world, however and it helps relieve the pressure. I’m gearing up to do something similar again-maybe a slightly different approach but once a nomad, always a nomad. Wonderful post!

    • Wow! Sounds like you had some amazing experiences! I would love to hear more about them sometime. Did you have a favorite adventure?

      And I completely agree; it’s overwhelming to find the kind and generous people are out there in the world. I think travel makes you realize that the world is such a beautiful and amazing place.

      I hope you get the chance to be nomadic again soon! Please keep in touch!

  70. Love this post. So many great tips and ideas. I would love to be a nomad traveler…one day. For now, a mother of two and working on the teenage years. I especially love the line “I tend to opt for purchasing experiences for myself. Memories are forever.” I try to instill this into my children. Kids have a way of wanting toys, video games and things. Instead I try to get them to try new things. Btw ~ Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

    • Thank you so so much for your sweet thoughts! I am confident you will have many wonderful adventures to come! And what an adventure motherhood must be! Good on you for instilling non-materialistic values. They are some very lucky kids!

      Please keep in touch! I look forward to hearing more about your life! Thanks again for commenting. =)

  71. I think a lot of your budgeting advice could apply to any lifestyle, not just a nomadic one. I have to admit that this sounds like fun, travelling all over the place, even though I’m more of a stay at home person due to my eating habits and lack of adventurous spirit πŸ˜‰ But I would like to travel more when I’m older (since, you know, I doubt I’d be allowed, being only sixteen).
    Congrats on Freshly Pressed πŸ˜€

    • Hi Miriam!

      I’m so happy to hear that you found the article applicable to any lifestyle.

      And I think if travel is something you want to do when you get older, you will absolutely find a way to make it happen! Please let me know if you have any questions or how I can help you along the way. =)

      Be well!

  72. Great financial tips here. Even if you aren’t into travelling, the idea of holding off on that $40 shirt now so that you can afford a home faster is an important concept to hold on to.

        • Uhhh… I don’t know about you but a horse and a pistol sound like SUPER fun to me! And again, it’s not about comparing. As long as what you’re saving for brings you happiness, that’s what matters!

          What breed do you want? I used to be a catch-rider for show barns a few years back. Just remember that the cheapest purchase when it comes to horses is buying the horse! πŸ˜‰

          • I’ve owned and leased in the past so I absolutely hear you about the cheapest price being the actual horse. I’m leaning toward Norwegian Fjords. I’ve owned a mustang and an andalusian x quarter horse, leased a quarter horse, an arabian, and a morgan. Something about a brave, stocky little pony works for me though.

            • Andalusians are one of my favorites! I’m partial to the warmblood breeds myself (I used to do hunter/jumper and my legs are REALLY long, so I feel retarded on a shorter horse πŸ˜‰ but I agree, there is something very reliable and comforting about the stocky horses.

              Please let me know how it goes and what you end up with! Can’t wait to see photos!

              • Lol. Warmbloods are awesome but jumping isn’t for me. I’ve tried it and I admire those that can. But I’m super short so big horses make me feel all kinds of small which isn’t the best feeling when you’re on top of 1,000 pounds of animal that’s nearly five feet just at the shoulder. Hopefully it’ll happen soon!

  73. Hi Hilary, thank you for writing such a detailed article – so many of us have dreams of doing that once-in-a-lifetime trip but don’t know where to begin! It’s brilliant that you address the practical side of things, I really appreciate how you include both the pros and cons of each point.

    Couldn’t agree more with the point about buying experiences – I used to collect all manner of souvenirs as a kid, and then I gradually realised that nothing could beat memories and photographs. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Hey James!

      I am so glad to hear that you liked it. In truth, I was really kicking myself for being so wordy… I guess things have a way of working themselves out, don’t they? =)

      And here’s to the memories! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and the memories you’re making!

  74. Awesome, awesome blog. Reading this sort of poked me hard in the chest and reminded me of my dream. I dug myself into a lot of debt in college (some of it through my study abroad…cough), and my husband and I are working to get out so we can travel. Reading this was also a helpful thing about that — just about being frugal and differentiating between need vs. want.

    Thank you so much for sharing. This has renewed my drive to get my arse back abroad — I lived in Scotland and Poland for much of college, and I miss it. So much.

    • Hi miss Emmie!

      Thank you so so much! I am happy to hear that the blog resonated with you.

      It’s funny that you should mention travel abroad. That was one of the things I wish I would have done while in college, and partly what spurned my travels to date. I didn’t get a lot of the typical college experiences since I went to the local university and didn’t live in a dorm, but I think each situation has pros and cons. I think you made the right decision for you at the time. But I am happy to hear you haven’t lost the travel bug! I’m sure you will find a way to make it work for you soon!

      And please let me know if you ever need future encouragement. I am happy to help =)

  75. I am very frugal with my money and I’m saving to travel when i graduate high school or college. Thank you so much for your insight!

  76. Hello Lynn! I should recommend your blog to my friends and family who still haven’t understand how I make it through 2 years of travels (although I managed it differently as for now, but it’s the whole goal for the next few years)! once you’ve started, you can’t stop and you really re-evaluate your needs and desires and find out that what you really want (travel and adventures), you can have pretty easily once comfort and old society-compelled habits are out of your life. I wouldn’t have said it better myself, so thanks for the post! aaaahhh if they could read english… πŸ˜‰
    Keep it on! and maybe we’ll meet on the road or on a couch somewhere since we’re on the same gig.

      • Hello Hilary,

        I’m currently in Patagonia Chilena (1more week!) before hitting the road north with stop overs before Santiago and Easter Island. Then it’s back to Mexico, where I’ll try and settle for a while (there’s a boy involved… πŸ˜‰ but traveling remains a priority. If you ever get there, get in touch, we’re in CS community as well and love it!
        Keep it on yourself! Take care and Enjoy, always!
        And, once again, congrats on the Freshly Pressed! I see lots of other comments and likes have followed!… Good job!

        (sorry for the name swap, too much reading over other comments and names…)

        • Don’t even worry about it! I figured as much πŸ˜‰

          And wow! What an adventurous life you lead! Please keep in touch and let me know how things progress. I will be sure to let you know when I get down that way. I’m actually hoping to get to Argentina by the end of the year, so I might be messaging you for tips and tricks myself!

          Be well, and happy adventuring!

          • Oh I know life is gonna be good as long as I never forget again what I truly want! I’ll be happy to share tips and tricks with you about Argentina or other countries in latin america (rewriting my world trip page on my own blog, so it says more about them).
            I’ll see you around, hopefully!

              • Oh it’s already up and running, I’ve just decided (masochistically…) to update the 2010 trip and actually talk more about it than the few lines I first wrote. it’s (translating as “Jul’s little steps”). I’ll be happy to have your insight! But it’s on its way…
                Let’s keep in touch, definitely! See you around! and happily reading you again!

  77. This is a facinating article indeed. It relates to the common persons needs and shows true character. You are brave for admitting your short comings but that is the world we live in today. And by showing this you allow people to believe they can accomplish what they want so long as they have the knowledge and tools to get it done. You provided that with this article and i salute you and thank you for being humble throught it all -,o

  78. I found your tips to be very useful. They show how important it is to set one’s priorities in life. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚ — from a soon-to-be graduate.

  79. This is truly a great article; I’ve never been able to articulate to people who ask me how I do it… well, how to do it. People don’t understand the give and take, and the security of working multiple jobs. Great job, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!

  80. This is great! And you’re right on! There’s something huge about choosing to delay gratification in favor of something you value much more. This is how I make my travels possible too. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

      • I’m living steadily in Bellingham, WA right now but make an effort to travel internationally for humanitarian aid work at least once a year. It’s so helpful to know how to scale back on expenses to make those trips happen!

        • Oh okay! Bellingham is cool! I just got back from spending some time in Tacoma, Seattle, and Port Townsend. Washington has some amazing flavor =).

          And let me know how I can help you as you start planning!

          Happy Adventuring!

  81. I’ll try it in a couple of months ! I am moving to australia and will hopefully be able to travel this part of the world !

    An other very useful travel tip to spend less money on food : my friend and I used to buy groceries for breakfast, lunch and dinner and so we’d avoid spending money in restaurant since we used to carry our lunch in our can eat for a whole week for less than 20$ !

    • What great advice! I think you’re absolutely right… finding ways to cut expenses is crucial!

      And congrats on the move to OZ! I am heading there in about a week for awhile, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide you with some advice!

      Keep it up! All the best.

  82. I love this! Even the basic ability to budget sometimes feels so overwhelming! Though I am unable to become a nomad, I do love to travel for vacations as often as possible, and thank you for the great advice! πŸ˜€ Silly lattes!

    • Oh I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it!

      And vacations are wonderful! I’m sure you make the most out of your trips! What has been your favorite place so far?

      And yes, those silly lattes will be the death of me… and many others so it seems πŸ˜‰

  83. I wish I was like you and could just pick up and move. It’s a great way to live. I wish you the best in your travels : )

    • Hi Carlie!

      I think you absolutely can! I mean, I know we all have things holding us back, but there’s always a way to have an adventurous life! Let me know if I can help answer any questions you have about the lifestyle!

      Take care!

  84. prioritizing and budgeting are absolutely key. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Most people, and I fear I am included in that somewhat, just aren’t willing to REALLY do what it takes to live a life of travel. That’s why it stays a dream instead of a reality.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed.

    • Life is all about priorities! But I think everyone makes the right choices for them at that point in their life. Sometimes that means not budgeting and indulging. Other times that means really being frugal and sticking to your guns.

      And thank you, again!

  85. Wow, this post can apply to so many subjects in life you deal with if you’re struggling to fit in the 9 to 5 standard picture. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed; well deserved if you ask me. You’ve got a story to tell.

    • I am so happy to hear that you could find multiple applications to the blog! I think it all comes down to life values. I think once those are in order, anything can happen =).

      And thank you so much! I don’t know if I deserve it, but I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my story with others!

      What kinds of adventures do you like to have?

      • Adventures, well.. I used to be adventurous and did everything “god forbids” and visited many friends abroad, but now that I’m older (with a home, 2 cats and a lovely boyfriend) the adventures are slightly different. I’m more settled and I’ve found a bit of rest I think.. However; I can’t sit still. That’s why I’ve recently taken up belly dancing (which I’m blogging about too).

        As for traveling.. Love it, but with a mortgage and 25 off days a year, it’s not as frequent as maybe preferable. I’d love to still be able to do what you do, but I’m afraid with nearing my 30’s, some social security is a good, desirable thing. I’ll read about other peoples adventures and have my little dreams, and travel when I can, I suppose πŸ™‚

        Which is working out; we’re soon going to Crete for the first time! Never been there, should be interesting πŸ™‚ Hope to find some belly dance courses Greek Style there. That’d be fun!

        I read that you dance too, btw?

  86. Great article, and I totally agree it’s all about setting priorities first! We love to travel and would rather stay at home for dinner, give up cable, and live frugally to indulge in a fun travel experience! But that is what works for us… πŸ™‚

      • Definitely patagonia in southern argentina. Absolutely beautiful! It was well worth all of the saving. Our next big travel saving is going towards a trip to the Philippines, where I am originally from. Can’t wait to share that experience!

        Recently we directed our saving to our first house which I consider just another type of adventure πŸ™‚

        • Patagonia sounds wonderful! I’m hoping to get to Argentina by the end of the year, actually. One of those pulls, you know.

          And congratulations on the saving for your house! Sounds like you have some wonderful ventures abound. =) Please keep me informed of how things go!

          Be well~

  87. I like the fact you make completely clear that this is not quick, easy and “have it all.” I also like that a young woman is out roaming the world and having adventures…one of the blog posts that gets the most hits on my site (almost daily) is about traveling alone as a woman, which I’ve done worldwide for decades. For some reason (?) many women are terrified of heading beyond their familiar territory, let alone without BFFs to hold their hand. I traveled alone for four months when I was 20 in Europe and loved it.

    I see you’re heading off soon to Oz and Fiji; I’ve been to both and enjoyed them. My favorite souvenir from Oz (oddly) is a beautiful sepia-toned photo of a woman by a local female photographer…one trick I’ve used many times is mail…if you love something bulky or large (like a poster) stick it into a sturdy tube and mail it home to yourself (or a friend’s address.) That way you can acquire a few souvenirs but not have to schlep them with you as you go.

    I admire your willingness to stick to your guns, so to speak. Who cares what age your computer is?! As long as you’re doing what you love, and able to finance it legally, good for you.

    • WOW! Your comment gave me chills. You are such an inspiring woman! I love meeting strong women who have been there and done that. It really motivates me to keep going!

      I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who have braved the solo travel fears. They’ve popped up a bunch, and sometimes I worry about it, but I feel like it makes me a stronger person. How did you feel about traveling by yourself? What was your favorite trip to date?

      And what great advice about mailing stuff! Another reason why I love meeting sage kick-ass women!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this up. Please send me the link to your blog about solo female traveling. I would LOVE to read it!

      And please stay in touch! I’m looking forward to learning more about you.

  88. This is such an insightful post! Thank you for sharing with us! I admire how you’re able to head out into the horizon whenever you feel like it. Adventure. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

    The line “Would you rather have an immediate reward or recognize that by delaying it, you can increase your satisfaction down the road?” struck a chord with me. It’s one of those deep philosophical questions that always gets my mind running. Having said this, your post actually raises MANY interesting and important philosophical questions. Less is definitely more, and when people get rid of chasing after material things, life is fuller and more rewarding.

    I wish you well on your excursions. Thanks once again for sharing a few of the lessons you’ve learned. I’ve always dreamed of traveling to distant places as well, but have yet to take the leap, although I’m VERY intent on moving to Hong Kong and China in 2013 to see where life takes me:)

    • First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write out this comment! I feel so grateful to be receiving such kind messages!

      I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it and that it made you think. I think you will definitely be able to make what you want happen. You can get there! And please enjoy the journey along the way. =)

      I hope you’ll stay in touch! Let me know how I can help motivate you on your adventures!

      • A few years ago I was fortunate enough to go to Havana, Cuba. I left JFK with a cultural visa for the 40th annual film festival. It was an amazing experience to visit the Island, the culture and the people, truly beautiful and smart.
        another favorite has been in Costa Rica, ” Tabacon” as well as the OSA peninsula to an Eco Lodge “Lapas Rios ” where I swam with three different types of dolphins in their environment as well as see the Macaws.
        I look forward to your travels and adventures, stay safe.

        • Wow! You’ve had some amazing experiences! Havana sounds amazing. I’m all about immersing yourself into other cultures!

          Please stay in touch! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. =)

  89. This is a great post and I’m going to have to follow your blog. I’ve only started traveling for pleasure in the last few years… but here’s my question/problem: my expenses don’t go down when I travel, they only go up. I still have rent to pay at home; my accumulation of stuff needs a home base. Same goes for all the various monthly trappings like utilities.

    So, do you just not have an accumulation, or keep it all in storage? Do you couch surf or sublet when you’re “home”? Has all this been answered in another post, or in a future one? Because it seems to me that if I had no rent to pay, this kind of lifestyle would be much easier.

    • Hi there!

      First off, I am so happy to hear that you liked the post!

      Next, I understand your concern about your home related expenses. To be honest, I don’t own a home or have to worry about that. But I do have advice and have done some research on ways to get around (or at least greatly reduce) those expenses. I am drafting a post about it right now. Will be up soon!

  90. This is a very insightful post. I love that you share the realistic facts and help us realize all that fun requires a lot of hard work and tough choices. My husband and I have been working and saving for a trip to the Caribbean and we finally just bought our tickets to leave next month! All the things we did without while working and saving can’t compare to the excitement of our first big trip as a married couple and the adventures and memories we’ll now share on our journey. We had to make choices, like waiting on a baby, to allow ourselves the freedom we need to travel for a while but I know we won’t regret the adventures we share before we settle down to house and baby. Thanks for the great post!

    • Hi Kari!

      I am so happy to hear you liked it!

      I am so excited for you to being this new journey with your hubby! I am confident you will have an amazing time and that you will find your sacrifices well worth the effort!

      Travel safe and please let me know how your trip goes! I can’t wait to see photos and hear all about it!

  91. The simplest and cheapest way to travel is to hitchhike. I have been hitchhiking for most of 15 years in the United States. I have met a lot of great people, and whenever I need to make a few bucks, some job comes my way. Just carry the most basic of gear: backpack,
    sleeping bag, a few clothes, some food and hit the road.

    “The First Time I Rode a Freight Train & other hitchhikng stories”

    “Chris McCandless Revisited”

    “Few Thumbs Barred From Rides”

    • Wow, thanks so much for the great advice! I will be sure to check these out. I am so happy to hear that hitchhiking has worked for you. I am only hesitant because I am a solo female traveler, and I don’t pretend to be stronger or braver than I am. My parents have utterly scared the crap out of me when it comes to hitchhiking. But maybe I will try it sometime!

      What has been your favorite place that you’ve visited thus far?

      • In the United States, I love Montana, Wyoming, parts of Idaho, eastern Oregon, the Oregon coast, New Mexico (I worked on an apple farm in Embudo, New Mexico years ago) and right here in Cedarville, California–I have been helping my friends for the past month; I will probably hit the road tomorrow and head north into Oregon. Cedarville is high desert country–right next to the Warner Mountains: the locals call it the California Outback.

        Years ago I hitchhiked in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. I remember sleeping in this hay shed in Ireland–it was a mile from the ocean; you could hear the sea gulls. The parts of Ireland and Wales that I saw were beautiful. Scotland is very beautiful. I really only saw Victoria Station in London and walked around Southampton, so I didn’t a whole of England–though I am an Anglophile: I love John Milton, William Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot and Gerard Manley Hopkins. I thought Ireland was very hitchhiker-friendly. Safe travels.

        • Wow! What amazing stories you must have. Ireland sounds like such a friendly and interesting place. I haven’t gotten over that way yet but I hope to soon!

          Safe travels to you as well! Looking forward to hearing about your Oregon trip!

  92. Loving your post SO MUCH! Traveling is one of my favourite things to do, but obligations with respect to work and finances keep me from it more often than not. I think you’re so brave to do what you’re doing… then again since this really is who you are, it may not be bravery, but a necessity after all. πŸ™‚
    Wondering if I could do the same… maybe try it for a year…? You’re inspiring!

    • Thank YOU so much for commenting! I am tickled pink that you loved it so much!

      Trust me, I’m scared to death half the time that I travel. But I figure the easiest way to get over my fears are to face them head on. That day I went volcano boarding in a lightning storm was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. Now I look back on it as being one of my most bad-ass. =)

      I think you can absolutely do the same! Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you about gap-year travel. =)

      • Thanks, Hilary, that’s so sweet of you.
        Actually, I was wondering about the working part. You’re working while you’re traveling, right? Meaning you work in countries that are not your native land. Don’t you need visas and that kind of thing for it? And how do you find the jobs?

        • Great questions! You’re actually not alone when it comes to these questions and I’m compiling a blog answering your inquiries. I hope you’ll check back soon to see it!

          Happy adventuring. =)

  93. Hi Hillary! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, and thanks for a great blog! I’ll be sharing with my friends and sending folks your way. I’m also looking forward to reading more! Congrats again, and keep up the great work!

      • Like you, I think life is an adventure. Also like you, travel gives me an all-time buzz. I want to see it all, so part of the adventure is learning to incorporate what you’ve written about (I still wrestle with ‘security’ vs. freedom). Thanks for the inspiration. Next time you’re in London, I’d be happy to dip into my ‘freedom fund’ and shout you a coffee . πŸ™‚

      • Like you, I think life is an adventure. Also like you, travel gives me an all-time buzz. I want to see it all, so part of the adventure is learning to incorporate what you’ve written about (I still wrestle with ‘security’ vs. freedom). Thanks for the inspiration. Next time you’re in London, I’d be happy to dip into my ‘freedom fund’ and shout you a coffee. πŸ™‚

  94. Wonderful post! and obv congrats for being Freshy Pressed! will take into account some of your suggestions for defo. Pity is, I love too much good food and nice drinks to save so much before and when I am travelling! Being a local culture lover and discoverer is part of being a traveller itself, in my view! however, will keep on reading you for sure, keep on!

    • Hey Matt!

      Thank you so much! I am happy to provide my view, but like I try to emphasize, my way of travel is not for everyone. I completely agree that life is all about milking it to its fullest! Isn’t it great that we all have the opportunity to do so and do it in so many different ways? How lucky we are. =)

      Where in the world are you now? Have you had a favorite place to travel?

      • Hey Hilary!

        I do think that life is definitely something worth living, even though sometimes tends to kick you straight in the gums to see whether you’re able to keep yourself straight!

        However. travelling is one of the gold hens of our lives, so why wasting it? I am definitely very much into ‘sociological travelling’ – as in, go and have a drink with a local or try the wickest food they have in the house – but that’s the good thing, everyone explores life and the world as they wish.

        at the moment, in terms of exploring, I am back living in my old little village in the north of Italy, pretty hectic as an experience, didn’t think it could be so weird to come back after many years. Anyhow, projects are on the move, hope they’ll work themselves out soon enough! what is you way of spending this weird spring instead?

        I have to say, so many places should already been visited, but I have no hurry, I’ll make it up soon!

        • Sounds like you’re already on the road to lots of amazing adventures! A little Italian village sounds like quite the home =).

          I’m leaving for Australia in a week. I’m very excited about it! Spring is bringing many fruitful experiences and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  95. Great post πŸ™‚ We love to travel but we don’t do it overseas, we want to see as much of Australia as we can. Of course with the high cost of fuel and the long distances that entails, at times a flight to a faraway land would be the cheaper option!
    So many people complain that travelling is so expensive but really they just don’t want to stop spending money at home in order to go away later. Good on you for being able to make that your entire lifestyle!

    • Thank you so much!

      What part of Australia are you in? Sounds like you’ve got a great plan set out! I’m sure you will find a way to accomplish it!

      What has been your favorite Ozzy experience thus far?

      • We live in a small town north east of Melbourne, in Victoria.
        Our favourite experience? So many it is hard to choose! Hmmm… Doing Skytrek (epic 4wd track) and standing on top of Mount Caernarvon, feeling like you were on top of the world.
        Or staying at a cattle station west of Alice Springs, it was only us, the wildlife and the caretakers on the 3000sqkm property. We set up camp on their front lawn and had a VERY relaxing time!
        Or maybe the time we drove to from Woomera to Coober Pedy (370 km of desert) in the driving rain and the entire town was flooded.
        So many things! Now you have made me want to speed up the plans for the next one!!

        • WOW! Sounds like some amazing adventures! I am headed to OZ here in about a week and hope to have some once-in-a-lifetime-experiences like the ones you’ve had!

          And happy to hear I could provide encouragement! Let me know when you do get the next set of plans going! Would love to hear about it!

              • We haven’t been up that way yet, we are still too in love with the SA outback and Central Aust! Melbourne to Cairns is about 2400kms, and to Brisbane is 1700km so they are not exactly weekend trips πŸ˜‰ I have heard that the Cairns Night Markets are pretty good though, it’s pretty hot up there, so stickynosing around in the cool of the night would certainly be preferred!

  96. This is awesome and just what I was sort of looking for! I am going to Singapore to study abroad and stay longer after so I can nomad around!

    • Wow! Singapore sounds amazing! I am so happy to hear that you found it so helpful!

      Please keep in touch and let me know how your adventures pan out! And let me know if you have any other questions that I can answer for you. =)

  97. I like to travel and adventure , but i have to work full time. Your suggestion inspiring me to travel where i want and where i like . Very nice post and very cool cool pics, specially the last one.

  98. This is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the world!

    (Bear with me, here comes a minor life story:) Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to see everything I read about it books. And now, I’m three weeks away from graduating with a BFA in Creative Writing (a.k.a. Unemployment), and I have no potential job prospects. Because of this, I’ve decided that now’s as good a time as any to travel. I’ve never been outside of the United States, and I’m not very good at blogging, so I have several questions:

    1.) Have you worked elsewhere besides in the States? I’ve been looking at teaching opportunities abroad, but most are one-year contracts (and having never been outside of the U.S., much less worked outside, I’m hesitant about taking such jobs.) Are there places to look for them if you’re not in the country yet? (I will have little to no problems finding odd ways to make money in the States; I’m a hard worker, especially when I have a goal in mind.)

    2.) Have you had any problems with couch surfing, like sketchy hosts, potentially-violent neighborhoods, etc? I’m all for saving money and getting the true experience that accompanies getting out of the tourist spots, but I’m as green as they come. How did you do it?

    3.) Do you travel alone? This is a big one. Everyone I’ve spoken to about my potential trip have always had the question: “But, you’re a woman. A blonde woman. Is that safe?” I’ve tried to alleviate fears, but I’m slightly nervous myself, because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Any tips?

    Ending general queries: What problems did you encounter? Were there ones you didn’t forsee?

    Again, thank you so much for posting! It’s helping me and everyone else who’s thinking about taking up the nomadic lifestyle. Keep it up!

    • Hi there!

      First of all, congrats on your accomplishments! It sounds like you’ve got quite the story ahead of you, and travel will give you nothing but inspiration to write about!

      I am happy to answer your questions, but my answer will need some time. I will be posting more blogs like this and will look to include these questions! I hope you’ll check back =)

      Thanks for commenting! Be well, and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

    • Wow, thank you so much! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

      And just remember that your life, too, is an adventure. =) Please let me know if you ever need reminding of that. =)

      All the best!

  99. Even though I’m not currently in a situation to pursue this lifestyle, I love the advice you give here! πŸ˜€ It’s great for anyone looking to travel abroad on a budget!

      • Oh, I’m DEFINITELY writing! πŸ˜€

        Right now, my beloved and I are working to pay off some bills (My student loans in particular, which are a P-A-I-N). I’m also looking forward to a missions trip to Mexico with my home church this summer, so I think that will help my wanderlust a great deal! Lol!!

        I look forward to more of your entries! Stay safe out there!! πŸ˜€

        • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

          Students loans are a bother, but I’m SO happy to hear that you’re going to do some mission work! I know that will be such an amazing experience for you. And how great to be able to go serve a higher cause. My hat is off to you =).

          Please stay in touch! And I will do what I can to stay safe.

          Happy adventuring!

  100. Awesome post! I agree with you on many points … budgeting, priorities, and the things that I want in ‘my’ life as opposed to what others want for me. Congrats on Freshly Pressed, you’ve found a new follower!

    • Hi miss Jennifer!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy to hear there are others that agree!

      Where are your adventures taking you now? I hope we get to meet somewhere down the road!

  101. Great blog! Congratulations on being freshly pressed. I always wanted to travel extensively but the problem is I don’t get more than 20 days of holidays a year from my work which I save to visit my family back in Asia. So basically I don’t have any holidays left to travel. I wish I could.

    • Thank you so so much! I am overjoyed with what today has brought!

      I don’t know what your current work situation is, but have you read Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week? He really helps to break down how to get remote work, so that you can take more time to travel. I absolutely recommend it!

      And travel doesn’t have to be long (as I’ve been finding out). Sometimes just taking a day trip out to hike can be an adventure!

      I hope that you are able to find a way to make it happen for you!

      • Thank you very much Hilary for being so supportive and taking the time out to reply to my comment . I will definitely check out Tim Ferriss’s “Four Hour Work Week” site hopefully that will help. It sounds interesting already.

    • I am so overjoyed to hear that this was what you needed! Really, thank you so much. I am just so excited to be able to share my adventures with others!

      What kind of adventures do you have in your life?

      • Some days, it feels like I don’t have any adventures. Trying to adhere to a new perspective! Recently returned from a vacation with my husband–a road trip from our home in Indianapolis, out to Denver, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and home–and that was quite the adventure! (Really wish I had known you were in Vegas before we left!) Not sure where our next one will lead us, but I’m considering a medical missions trip outside the US.

        Can’t wait to read more about your adventures! I have loved reading some of your posts, you have such a fresh perspective on life! So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Congrats on being “Freshly Pressed”!

        • Wow, that road trip does sound like quite the adventure! What did you think of Vegas? Next time let me know you’re coming through and I’ll meet up with you for coffee or something =).

          Medical missions sound super exciting! There are so many avenues to choose! I’m confident you will find the one that works for you. =)

          Remember that every is an adventure (even if it only includes talking to the cute barista or getting a discount on your groceries). I am a firm believer that life is what you make of it! So go make yourself some awesome life =).

          Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!

          • Before our road trip, the farthest West I’d ever been was Dallas. The whole experience was breathtaking and mind-blowing! The landscape alone is so much different than what I’m used to at home, in Indiana. We’re definitely planning on coming back sometime, and when we come back to Vegas I’ll be sure to let you know! I’d love to hear your stories in person (I’m a sucker for a good story!).

            Thank you for the encouragement. It has really brightened my day!

            • Haha, it’s okay. I’m a sucker for a good story too =). Plus, I love meeting good people. Us adventure lovers have to stick together!

              And you’re very welcome! I’m always available if you need more encouragement (well… I mean, I will be in a jungle for a month, so if I don’t reply it’s not because of lack of wanting. πŸ˜‰

              Take care! And let me know how I can help you along your journey!

  102. wow! i always dream a life like that, to be a traveler. But I think It’s hard for me to do that but I don’t want to lose hope. very nice blog. glad i found it.

  103. This article is really helpful. Thanks. I have been looking into working abroad for a long time and now I have found an opportunity to live in Seville for 4 months. I would also like to be an au pair afterwards! Brill! With careful planning you can definitely have more freedom over your lifestyle.

    • Oh good, I am so happy to hear you find it helpful!

      Wow, Seville! That sounds like so much fun! Let me know if you’re interested in going to Italy. There’s a great au pair program I know of there.

      Please keep in touch! Can’t wait to hear more about your travels!

  104. I share the same lifestyle although I’ve taken a break for now. I sure will be back soon. Indeed it is about setting priorities and having a strong willpower. Whenever I am tempted going into a coffeeshop or see a pretty looking shoes on sale, I say to myself that could be beer money while watching the sunset on some exotic island beach. Or buying stuff in a colorful, chaotic market somewhere. It usually works.

    • Haha, every 9-5 job I’ve had has ended horribly for me (mostly with me in tears saying something like, “Don’t make meeee.”) I think I’ve learned that mold is just not for everyone. But it’s important to experience, I believe!

      What kinds of things do you do in your day-to-day?

      • I’m still just a student, but the idea of finishing studies only to enter a corporate world where money is considered to be the most important thing really doesn’t appeal.

        • I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work. I just gave a talk today to some highschool students about balancing the interal versus external motivation, and how that is how I define success nowadays. It sounds like you’re already thinking about what you need to be happy, so that’s great!

  105. Great post!
    I am kind of a nomadic traveler ever since I moved to Sweden two and a half years ago of which more than one and a half were spent travelling. People always ask me how I manage to do it and that’s why I really liked this post – you got a very good, comprehensive explanation, things that most people are not aware of.
    On the other hand, I think we can’t forget that this lifestyle is also a product of some circumstances in life. Most of these circumstances can come to existence by our own effort, but some are possible with a little help from the universe.

    • Hi Camila!

      Thank you so much! I spent a lot of time on the post and am just thrilled to hear that so many people are able to use it!

      And I absolutely agree! It’s all about the right timing and motivation! You seem to have a great grasp on all of the necessary elements, too!

      Sweden sounds like such an amazing adventure. What has been your favorite experience thus far?

      Please keep in touch!

      • So far Sweden and the swedes themselves have been the greatest adventure! They are weird in many senses, but so are we, right?
        I know you like traveling, but in case you like looking at pictures from past trips, I’ve been posting stuff on my latest trips to Malaysia, Thailand and India.
        It’s in Portuguese, but the pictures speak for themselves.

  106. Wow.. so inspirational. I took a job here in Saudi specifically so that I could make a regular paycheck and travel. I’ve been here 4 years and I’ve taken one trip (Istanbul) that wasn’t an obligatory trip home. Four years. I feel guilty enough, but you make me really face the fact that I haven’t prioritized this thing (travel/experience) that my mind says is most important to me, but my actions have directly deprived me of.. Thank you! πŸ™‚ great blog..following.

    • Hi Anastasia!

      First of all, let me commend you for taking a job in Saudi! That takes a lot of guts (I couldn’t make that kind of commitment just yet)!

      And I apologize for making you feel guilty! I imagine you must have gained some invaluable life and cultural experiences from living the life you have. And I wouldn’t look at it as wasting time. If you wish to spend the future differently, that’s one thing, but I am a firm believer that we do everything in our own due time. =)

      Please keep in touch! I look forward to hearing about your future adventures!

  107. I am a professional traveler too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great post, and even when I am “home” I find new corners of the city and since i don’t spend much time here its like exploring a new place as well. For me it is research to study the world especially culture and agriculture. So i teach classes on ecological design and organic farming and take farming gigs here and there. It allows me to get to the countryside and live, interact with those cultures like the gaucho’s in Argentina that i just spent 5 months with through an organic farming job. That allowed me to visit other parts of Argentina and most of all Chile. That was a spot that I always wanted to go to but never knew how to manifest it but eventually it did. Great post, safe travels.

    • Whooohoo world travelers!

      And wow, what a life! That sounds so amazing! Funny you should mention organic farming in Argentina… I’ve been talking about wanting to go to Argentina specifically to learn about that for months! I would appreciate any advice you could offer on the subject!

      Please keep in touch!

      • if you want a really hippy place, go to a place called Shamballa Permaculture in the super hippy town of San Marcos Sierras, near Cordoba, the second largest city. Besides that there is CIDEP down in El Bolson if you want to be immersed more in spanish. Also in El Bolson there are lots of organic farms around the town. I personally really, really liked Chile so don’t rule that one out eh.

          • No worries Hilary, if you ever want to fast forward your knowledge of agriculture and sustainability, I highly suggest taking a Permaculture Design Course. Its what i do for a living so i am of course a bit biased but it changed my life and i have seen it do the same for many others. Would be nice to meet along the way one day, btw, i lived in the background of your avatar picture off and on for years. Lovely pic to recall fond memories!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to keep asking questions.

            • Thank you so much for the tips! I will start looking into that to see what’s available in my neck of the woods (and in my budget). You will definitely be hearing from me. =)

              Paris was one of my favorites. =) Where in the world are you now?

              • I am in CIncinnati, Ohio right now, my hometown, just got back from 6.5 months in S. America. Most of the time in Argentina and a bit in Chile. Most likely my next trip outside of the states is going to be back to Europe, teach a course in Portugal and go to tow new countries- Italy and Austria. Should be good fun. I am looking forward to some trips i am taking in the states as well over the next few months. It such a big place and as much as i have traveled in the states there is still vast sections that i have yet seen. How bout you, where are you these days?

                • Wow! Sounds amazing! If you need tips on Austria, let me know. Spent some time in Salzburg and adored it!!

                  I’m in Vegas at the moment, but I leave in just a couple of days to head to Australia and then on to Fiji.

                  Let me know if you make it out this way over the summer. I am happy to play tour guide! =)

  108. If you find yourself broke in India…don’t worry, you have a travel buff sitting right here…though not to the same magnitude. Lots of learn from this blog…and yes, come to India. It’s fascinating!

    • Hi there!

      Wow, thank you so much! You are so kind! I would love to come to India and visit! Do you have a favorite city or thing to do?

      And know that the door is always open the other way, as well! I am happy to help if you ever get to Vegas!

      • Hi Hilary,
        Thank you for your note…my favorite city…umm…thats tough…but yes, I love South India and Rajasthan in India, most of Europe and New York (except for NYC…none are cities). I also had a chance to drive from Kazakhstan to Krygyzstan once…one of the most beautiful drives ever…want to do it again! My fav thing is to travel (but, of course!), apart from that movies and popcorn!
        Thanks for the invitation for Vegas…haven’t been there yet but I know that the day is not that far, when I will! Keep blogging!

        • Sounds like you’ve had some amazing adventures! Can’t wait to hear more about them one day. =)

          Keep traveling and blogging yourself! Looking forward to meeting up one day on the road!