Hilary Goes Hiking Part II: Adulation for Banshee Canyon

I am nothing if not a fan of losing my way with words. But the more I explore the more I struggle to elucidate the memories. It’s almost as if every word in the English language is too restrictive or cliché to do the scenario justice. Sometimes all I can think is, “Wow, what a wonderful world we live in.” Other days, if you’re lucky, I’m a little more articulate than a drooling baby.

Hiking through Banshee Canyon was a spiritual experience, seemingly observed and emboldened by the faces in the gorge. I could feel the wisdom of the earth seeping through my skin, brought in on the twisting winds and carved out in the petroglyphs.

I believe every person given the opportunity to take a climb up the rings and into the canyon will take away a piece of the peace and love that lives there. I’d like to think that’s why the canyon is filled with divots and holes; the magic and history that fills the soil is literally given to each traveler.

And because I was left so speechless by the adventure, I thought I’d share my experience in a segment I’m calling…

Adulation for Banshee Canyon: A 3×5 Experiment

Namaste, fellow travelers.


40 thoughts on “Hilary Goes Hiking Part II: Adulation for Banshee Canyon

    • Hey there!

      This is out at the ‘hole in the wall’ trails of Mojave National Preserves. You should go check it out! I’m sure you would love it. =)

      Super glad to make your acquaintance! Let me know if you ever want to go on an adventure together.

    • Yes it was quite an amazing experience! Have you ever been hiking?

      And you’re very welcome! I love stopping by your blog to read your inspirational posts, especially the yoga ones. =) Please keep writing!

  1. I have never seen anything like this before! I love what you wrote about it, too. Your words were much more than a drooling baby! 🙂 I love that you found so much more than nature in nature. It looks like that kind of place.

  2. Really nice stuff. I normally wouldn’t be up at this awful hour, but the writing won’t stop.Think it’s gonna be an all-nighter. Thanks for stopping by my post. Everything’s really nice here. Keep up the travel. It’s the best education in the world! -sw

    • Than you so much, Steven! I enjoyed sifting through your posts. Looking forward to following your work.

      Hope that you had a good writing session! I greatly appreciate you stopping by my blog! =)

  3. Love you! and your blog!! This hike looks gorgeous. My boyfriend and I just recently moved to Florida, just for a short time but there are no challenging hikes really into beautiful mountainous areas. I miss my hikes!! We are going today to do a hike around a lake. We will see what adventure stems. I am happy to have found your blog, and your enthusiasm. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Meg! It means so much to me as an aspiring travel writer to have your support along this venture!

      You will have to keep me updated on how you enjoy Florida. What part of Florida did you move to? Are you there for work?

      Hope all is well. I am looking forward to staying in touch! =)

      All the best,

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