Nicaragua Adventures- the movie

Thanks to Holly Beck for putting this together.


I will forever remember how badass I felt when I caught my first wave. I now realize how stupid I actually looked, but that’s okay. One day my surfing skills will match the emotions I experience when I pop-up on a board (I hope).

And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be tan too.

Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?


3 thoughts on “Nicaragua Adventures- the movie

    • Thanks so much, Kyle! It was such a fun adventure! And doing a headstand while surfing is one of my goals, too! But first I have to learn how to do one on solid ground. 😉

      Do you have a GoPro? I find there are pros and cons to them, but it really comes down to preference! Can’t wait to see what you encounter on your travels!

  1. This is fabulous! We looked at all the videos and you did a great job. We thank you so much for sharing your adventures-makes us feel as if we were there too.

    Miss you darling girl!

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