Coincidence? I Think Not.

So as I continued my Nicaraguan adventures, I couldn’t help but feel like my decision to take this trip was more than just crazy random happenstance.

Photo by Andrea Preziotti

The more time I spent getting to know Holly, the more I realized how much we had in common. And it wasn’t stuff like we both love our time in the ocean or like the color blue. It seemed as if everyday another commonality would pop up (unlike me on my board). I started to think that these weren’t just coincidences and because I’m me, I started writing them down for analysis later on. Thus, I bring you the following…

A List of Eerie Similarities between myself and Holly discovered over the course of my time in Nicaragua

1. We were both born on the same day. (That’s definitely unusual, right?).

2. We both have the same first and last initials.

3. We both were born in southern California (not so weird; a lot of people are from soCal).

4. We both hold Bachelor degrees in Psychology. (According to Wikipedia, you know the most reputable source, approximately 22% of Americans obtain their bachelor’s degree. I couldn’t find any stats on how many receive a BA in psychology but I also didn’t try very hard. So let’s forgive my laziness and just call this an interesting scenario).

5. We both were hunter/jumpers when we were preteens and still love to ride horses (I know a lot of people learn to ride horses, but jumping is one of those more obscure riding forms on the west coast. I feel like my list is showing that we have similar personalities… but I can’t determine much else just yet).

6. We both took dance classes (This alone is not so weird. The strange part about this is that we both rejected ‘girly’ dance styles, like ballet, in favor of sports).

7. We both have modeling backgrounds (I’m beginning to doubt chance at this point).

8. We both thoroughly enjoy reading and will read every work an author has written after we find that we like one of their books.

9. We both spend time analyzing those around us and loosely diagnosing our friends/acquaintances (Apparently this isn’t something that everyone does but I think they should. It helps pass time and makes things more interesting).

10. We both strive for lives full of inspiration, creativity, and positive energy (Maybe a product of our birthdate? What do you say, astrologers?)

11. We both only have sisters.

12. Our parents decided to only use ‘H’ names for us and our siblings (Not our doing, but weird).

13. My grandmother’s maiden name is Beck and my father is convinced we are cousins 15 times removed or something like that. (So am I to conclude that this can all be accounted for because we may be related? That might explain the coincidences to a behaviorist, but I’m not so sure if I buy it).

Maybe it all is just coincidence. I’m sure I’ll meet another blond-haired, blue-eyed powerhouse who was born on the same day I was and has the same educational and recreational background as myself. It could happen. But I’m pretty convinced these are all signs (insert Ace of Base lyrics here). Maybe that I will one day be a pro surfer? Live abroad or run retreats for women? Probably not. But it leads me to believe I have the makings of an inspirational woman… Well, I can hope.

But I’ll leave it up to you to decide.


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