Sun Salutations and Rain Dances

Between the surf sessions and adventure seeking, we became experts at grounding ourselves through yoga practice. And lucky for us, El Coco Loco had the perfect place for us to get our zen on.

Freshly built and standing a glorious two stories high, El Coco Loco’s yoga studio is by far best place to harness your chi this side of India. Yogis worldwide are having to realign their chakras just thinking about the ocean views and cool breeze. We not only got to play in paradise, but we would view it as we stretched, chanted, and powered down from our days.

Photo by Andrea Preziotti

Photo by Andrea Preziotti

After finishing our vinyasas, we would all hang around the raised cabana, chatting aimlessly about death, the Devil, and women stereotypes. We would laugh at ourselves and our topic choices while Holly would practice doing handstands from downward dog. Not only could she kick ass on waves, but she also had the core strength of a gymnast. Was there anything this woman couldn’t do?

By the time we would make our way down from the studio, the sun would just be starting to lower itself along the horizon. This was the optimum time to go surfing again, but the thunder heads dictated otherwise.

Photo by Andrea Preziotti

After two days of being rained out, Holly was over it, and dying for the rain clouds to open up so that we could try to catch a second surf session. Unfortunately, the skies were not hearing her cries. So she and Helina decided to perform a rain dance (of sorts). Here was the end result.


Giving up, Holly, Helina, Lindsay, and myself started a game of pick-up volleyball. We weren’t too bad (considering none of us had played in ages). Plus, the game would become more about keeping the ball away from Rocco than actually trying to score any points.

And as it would turn out, the rain gods were impressed by our sets, spikes and digs. We would spend the rest of the evening rained out under the cabana.

And while this may had not been what Holly had envisioned for our Tuesday, I don’t think anyone minded. We were in Nicaragua, and entertaining ourselves (with the help of a few toads and the infamous rum and punch). It certainly beat sitting in traffic in Vegas, and I drank to that.

Photo by Andrea Preziotti


3 thoughts on “Sun Salutations and Rain Dances

    • Agreed! I love how shiny and new the rain makes everything. I also feel like it forces you to slow down a little bit, which is nice. =)

      What kind of rainy day activities do you enjoy?

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