City mouse takes the leap (i.e. flight)

If you are reading this, then I have boarded my flight to Nicaragua. Huzzah!

Now, that’s not to say this wasn’t preceded by a few meltdowns, crying sessions and panic attacks, but the takeaway message is that I successfully departed McCarran Airport. Double Huzzah!

There came a point this week when I was eating Cheerios on the couch that I realized had to go on this trip. I have been able to dissect my reasoning into the following list:

Hilary’s Rationalization for Facing Her Fears and Going to Nicaragua

1. The trip was already paid for and the deposits were non-refundable.

2. As an unemployed post-grad with no idea what my next steps are, there really is nothing better for me to be doing.

3. This trip would allow me to learn some new skills (like balance) and meet new and interesting people/creatures (like baby sea turtles and giant bugs).

4. The brave may not live forever, the cautious do not live at all (thanks, Meg Cabot).

5. The trip was already paid for and the deposits were non-refundable.

So there you have it. I have decided to follow through with it and deemed this trip of the utmost importance. Granted, I have no idea what makes this trip so crucial just yet, but I feel within the vibrations of my being that this trip will help me understand my purpose (and my future career).

I’ll figure out the rest once I get there… If I get there… This remains to be determined.

One of my friends asked me to leave my parent’s contact information just in case I die or get caught in a snow storm and can’t get back. I wanted to know why these were my only two options for not being back on time. Did she know something about Managua that I didn’t (like it’s the only central American country to get snowstorms in July?) I digress.

Let’s just agree that if I post next week, you can conclude that I’m okay and it wasn’t as traumatic as I was expecting. But I’ll be sure to get you the details. Oh, and the pertinence of the venture.

Wish me luck! And sunny/non-fatal travels.


2 thoughts on “City mouse takes the leap (i.e. flight)

  1. I don’t think we encountered any baby sea turtles–not even at the Bigfoot Hostel pre-volcano board mayhem, though they claimed as much in the pool area. And I only wish the mosquitoes were giant-sized if only because they would have been easier to kill! – Andrea

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